June 30-July 1, 2018


Level 2: Intermediate Course for Returning Students Only
For the last 20 years, Amelia’s students have asked for ongoing training after they complete their first Animal Communication workshop, and it’s FINALLY HERE!  This seminar is for returning students only who have taken one of more weekend workshops with Amelia or attended her online school and want to further their understanding and analysis of the animals they love.  In this more advanced course for returning students only, Amelia will hone your skills in attaining more detail in your conversations with animals.  More attention will be put on how your own health and emotional patterns effect your animals, and an in depth study of the Body Scan (Medical Gestalt), will help you discover if the animals you love are in pain.  






A special focus will be on finding your spiritual “Still-point” so that you can locate and employ your intuition  consistently and build on the meditation skills required in learning to silence your mind so completely that you can translate the thoughts and feelings of animals.  And the most fascinating new exercise will be explored in this advanced seminar: Tracking!  How to find a missing animal!  A dog will be taken for a "joy-ride" and Amelia will teach you how to remote view in real-time, so that when a disaster occurs with your animals or the animal of someone you care for or work for, you will be able to access this intense level of concentration to help them locate a missing animal!  Don't miss this exhilerating workshop so that you can employ your intution in a way that helps people and animals in distress!

“I’m going to do everything in my power to help you understand how the latest most breath-taking discoveries in science and spirituality will help us champion the lives of animals and inspire positive change in humans, too.”  --Amelia Kinkade



In The Language of Miracles Training, Amelia will share techniques, tools, and exercises for developing your ability to communicate with animals and help heal animals; but more exciting still, she will help you explore how your animals and your love for animals actually heals YOU!  

She will explain:

 •  Why animals are already masters at intuitive and inter-species communication

•     Why human intuitive ability has been suppressed and repressed by modern culture

 •     Proof that the ability to talk to animals is not a gift possessed by a few special people

•     Transforming intuition from an unconscious and uncontrolled act to a well-honed skill

•     Practical applications such as quality of life issues surrounding animal companions

•     Ways to enhance training, improve animal relationships, and solve behaviour problems

•     New insights into how animals mirror your hidden emotional problems
•     New methods in healing yourself so that your animals do not share your conscious or unconscious problems
•     Restoration of right relations between humans and other species without negative mirroring

•      How your sacred love for animals can actually heal YOU.

With the correct dedication, Amelia’s mission is to show that everyone can do what she does with the proper dedication, training, and understanding. In The Language of Miracles Training, she sets out demonstrate the mechanics of how these processes work and how we all can learn to talk with animals. Her end goal is to reveal to those who haven’t discovered it yet the dazzlingly deep and powerful emotional world of animals.

 Amelia says: “It has been my experience that their scope is sometimes larger than that of humans not only in terms of their spontaneity, loyalty, ferocity, grace, and unprecedented powers of forgiveness, but I’ve found that they are also privy to transcendental states of consciousness and more miraculous states of deep healing not accessible to most humans.”

Exploring the subtle cues that form the foundation of animal communication, Kinkade shows, in carefully constructed guided exercises, how her students can explore these cues for themselves. With gentle encouragement, she will share the secrets that have inspired thousands of people she has taught throughout the world. The Language of Miracles Training will inspire students to sit down with the animals in their lives and explore the unspoken world between them.

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