June 23-24, 2018


Amelia is delighted to be invited back to Switzerland by Die Quelle this year.  This weekend course in Bern is an introduction to Animal Communication where she will teach her methods that have helped people all over the world.  The seminar in 2017 had some unforgettable "animal teachers" who taught the students how to successfully "hear" them--to pick up their feelings, thought, hopes, dreams, frustrations, physical sensations, and even tell about relationships with the other animals back home.

Amelia will teach extensively from her Language of Miracles program, drawing upon her first two books, Straight From the Horse's Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers, The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches you to talk to Animals, and now her latest book available in German, Whispers From the Wild: Listening to the Voices of the Animal Kingdom.  Amelia will guide you to your own "still-point," a place inside yourself where the Infinite Intelligence of the Divine Spirit within you can connect to the Divine Spirit within the animals you love.  She will show you that with proper dedication and peace of mind, along with unconditional loving intention, you, too, can learn to "hear" animals and better understand both domestic and wild animals.



In the tried-and-true methods Amelia has taught in seminars all over the world for the last 19 years, she uses a combination of introducing new ideas that promote paradigm shifts, quiet meditation, reverent prayer to nature's masterpieces and the Great Spirit who created them, creative visualization and improv exercises, lots of laughter and even dancing to shift your consciousness into a more joyous state of mind.  She believes that when we can resonate on the same frequency of animals, be it quietude, or exuberant joyousness, we are better to understand them and allign with their states of mind and heart's desires. 



These seminars may be the most enlightening, soulful, heart-touching and fun trainings you engage in in a lifetime.  Don't hesitate to secure your place because these seminars fill up quickly.  The space is intimate so you will be able to focus your attention on the animals without the constraints of having a large crowd of people around you.  The seminar will be delivered by Amelia in English and translated into German by a professional translator.  Ms. Kinkade is flying all the way from Los Angeles to teach her Swiss students in this once-a-year event, but these two week-end workshops will be the ONLY events in Switzerland or German speaking territories in 2018.  If you choose to develop your skills as an Animal Communicator, please follow Amelia to Zurich for her Advanced Seminar the following weekend. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see and learn from Amelia so that you can bless the animals in your life for years to come. 

Note: Please do not bring your animals from home, but please do bring a photo where we can see clearly into the animals' eyes, so that an exercise can occur where other students will learn to "read" the energy and thought processes of your animals. Animals will be supplied by Die Quelle to function as our "Animal Teachers."

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