November 3, 2018

Amelia's flying back to Africa in 2018! 

This photo was actually taken when Ms. Kinkade conquered the world's highest bungee jump in Knysna George.  But isn't it time for YOU to jump into something exciting, too?

It is an absolute joy for Amelia to return to her favorite city on earth to teach Animal Communication.  Join us on this gorgeous farm in the countryside just outside of Johannesburg!  In this one-day intimate event, you can explore Interspecies Communication and let animals know how much you love them...because you're taking the time to learn how to "hear" them!

This is Amelia's only South African seminar in 2018 so don't miss the fun!   All levels are welcome:  New and beginning students will be gently guided and advanced/returning students will be encouraged to work at their own pace.

Please visit this link to secure your place in this exclusive exciting event: