April 20-21, 2020


Animal Communication Introduction and Masterclass

With Amelia Kinkade


April 20-21, 2020


Grace Episcopal Church Parish Hall

120 E. First Street, Hinsdale, IL


(20 minutes from downtown Chicago)




Have you ever wondered what your animal was thinking?

Amelia Kinkade knows!


And she can teach YOU to understand your animal’s thoughts too.

Here’s the opportunity to discover what your animal wants, needs, feels and REALLY







Come study with one of the world’s most respected Interspecies Communication teachers straight from her workshops in London, the Isle of Man, Zurich, Bern, and Johannesburg. She has lectured in over 32 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Scotland, Germany, Norway, Austria, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, England, Switzerland, and South Africa where she trains animal lovers from all walks of life, including doctors and vets.


Amelia is delighted to welcome new students to this seminar where all levels are welcome.  More advanced students and returning students are also welcome to attend and work at their own pace.  Amelia is looking forward to reconnecting to her students in the Chicago area after many years of traveling the world.



Amelia will teach the arts of:


Clairvoyance: (Clear-Seeing) The ability to exchange mental pictures & even “film

clips” (moving sequence of events) to and from the minds of your animal friends.


Clairsentience: (Clear-feeling) The ability to receive emotion from your animal friends.

Clairaudience: (Clear-hearing) The ability to hear telepathic from your animal in



X-ray Vision: (Medical Gestalt) The ability to use your body as an instrument to

determine if and where your animals are in pain.


Starlight Vision: (Mediumship) The ability to send & receive messages from beloved

animal friends on the “Other Side.”


Photo Talk: (Remote viewing) Learning to connect to distant animals using nothing but

a photograph of the animal.


See for yourself why Amelia was invited to Buckingham Palace to “whisper” with the

Queen’s horses – and learn her techniques!


You are born with magical possibilities!  Animal Communication is a learned skill!  You can learn to discover and perfect your natural abilities!




Amelia is the author of 6 books about Animal Communication including the bestseller, Straight From the Horse's Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers, The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals, Whispers From the Wild: Listening to Voices from the Animal Kingdom (New World Library) and Soulmates with Paws, Hooves and Wings (CreateSpace, Amazon Books.)

Amelia was also featured in The 100 Top Psychics in America (Simon and Shuster.)


$400 (per person) Saturday Workshop (10 am-5 pm) OR


$575 (per person) both Saturday and Sunday (10 am-5pm and 1 pm -5 pm)



To sign up for this exclusive workshop please contact Linda at:


312-301-7041 or