September 7-8, 2019


They show up with more tats of me on their bodies than anywhere else in the country!  This is a super exclusive new show designed by Ryan Scott Weber, my good friend who hosts me in the New Jersey Horror Con.  The show is just for vendors to show off their cool new merch in time for Halloween! He's asked me to headline this exciting new show, and I'm just so flattered!  I asked him to invite my gorgeous dear friend, FELISSA ROSE from Sleepaway Camp and  she said YES!  So far, Felissa and I will be the only featured celebs! 

Please come out and support us and show your love for all of these amazingly talented horror vendors! 

Bring me your posters, dvd covers, vinyl, Angela Action Figures, original artwork and any and all NOTD memorabilia so I can sign it for you and give you a big HUG!  I'll be selling collector's items, photos, posters, and never-seen-before T-shirts!  This show is going to be a BLAST, so don't miss it!