February 7-9, 2020

Come out to this amazing con and meet not only the ENTIRE CAST of Night of the Demons, some of my all-time favorite actors and actresses will be there, too!  John Cusack and Kathleen Turner!!!  WOW! 

Linnea and I will be in costume so sign up for your photo ops soon, and I'll be signing swag, selling pics, and throwing my arms around fans--even with my hands are on fire!  Come support us for a wicked good time!!!



There's no hiding from what a good time the entire cast of Night of the Demons has when we're together!  If you're missing a signature from one of the cast members and ON FIRE to get it, this is the time to come show your Demon love!  I'll be signing swag, selling pics, and just waiting to wrap you up in my black wedding dress!  Don't miss this precious opportunity to meet us all and see what a Demonically good time you can have in Atlanta!