February 14-17, 2020


"The Stars at Night--are BIG and BRIGHT--clap, clap, clap,clap.  Deep in the heart of Texas!" 

I grew up singing that when I was just a little Texas hay-seed myself!  I've from Denton!  So, I'm comin' home for some hot Texas love!  So ya'll go scrape the cow patties off yer boots and getcher sweet britches to this con!

Can I be your Valentine? 

I've decided I'm gwan spend Valentine's with YOU!  My Texan fans!Can I be your Valentine date the CULT CLASSIC CON!




What could be a better way to say "I love you" than to buy your sweetheart a photo op with Linnea Quigley and me?  Or maybe you need one for yourself!  I'll be waiting to hug you with my hands on fire and give you a kiss that will infect you with unforgettable demon deliciousness! Just watch yer tongue!