Amelia Kinkade's Language of Miracles Store

Amelia's store is experiencing some technical difficulties right now.  Please be patient with us while we try to solve this temporary problem.  We're so sorry for inconveniece this crash has caused this Christmas, but we hope to be back UP and RUNNING soon!  Please check back soon and forgive us for this problem.  Welcome to my new Language of Miracles Store where I can share with you all my most treasured secrets so that you can learn to talk to your animals in the privacy of your own home...and actually hear them talk back! Whether you want to learn to listen to your cat, find a missing dog, Body Scan a show horse, learn to pray for your pet--or even for yourself--or connect for the first time with animals in Heaven, these meditations are for you! I’ve recorded these for you and your animals with every single ounce of my love, and it’s my greatest hope that this exciting new form of at-home i