Excited about Halloween? Need something to bring 2021 back from the dead?

SCAREFEST: October 22-24, 2021

Lexington Kentucky

Autograph signing with the Queen of Halloween!

Looking for something to lift your spirits in the first bewitching season where we can actually have conventions again?! Want something scarier than the news? And a LOT more fun?! Not only is Amelia appearing for the first time at SCAREFEST in Lexington Kentucky, she will be in costume for photo ops with her costars, Alvin Alexis (the first African American hero to survive in a horror movie!) and Hal Havins (everybody’s favorite Stooge who learned to watch his tongue around Angela!) AND Amelia will be celebrity bowling on Friday opening night, and her team still has a few coveted spots, so sign up now to watch Angela make a fool out of herself! (It’s not so easy to bowl with your fingers on fire!) Don’t miss the Halloween party of the year!


CHILLER THEATRE: Parsippany, New Jersey

October 29-31, 2021

Ready to PARTY?! Finally, let’s send the mighty party pooper, covid, up in smoke! NO ONE NO HOW is going to poop Angela’s party, and if you try to, you might lose a body part or two! If you’re tired of feeling possessed all by yourself in lock-down, come get possessed with your favorite naughty demoness! This is the first appearance Amelia has had at Chiller in over a decade, so let’s send this Halloween Party UP in smoke! Amelia will be in costume with her costar, lovely Jill Terashita, for photo ops with fans and there are still ticket available! Let’s carve a happy face onto this Halloween party, masks and all!