Need something fun to do this Valentine’s Day?

Come party with the monsters!

Feb. 12, 2022: Join me on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day! Angela’s annual Cupid-killing Vixen Valentine Party is ON in Boulder City, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas!

What could be more exciting than a weekend in Vegas with a visit to Tom Devlin’s monster museum? I’ll be signing all your memorabilia so bring me your photos, posters, artwork, DVDs, Angela action figures, and I’ll be selling my own pics, too!

Autograph signing with the Queen of Halloween!

Ready to PARTY?! Finally, let’s send the mighty party pooper, covid, up in smoke! NO ONE NO HOW is going to poop Angela’s Valentine party, and if you try to, you might lose a body part or two! If you’re tired of feeling possessed all by yourself in lock-down, come get possessed with your favorite naughty demoness!

April 22-24, 2022: CHICAGO!

Join me for the FIRST Golden Girls Convention in America!

My mother, Rue McClanahan’s little sister, and I will be two of the guests of honor at the first cheese-cake eating BASH to honor everyone’s favorite four naughty girls! I’ll also be spilling secrets of growing up with my inspirational aunt who pushed me into acting and proved that the impossible is possible even for small-town girls!

My mother will be showing never-before-seen photos of growing up with Rue in her presentation, and I’ll be signing autographs for Golden Girls memorabilia as well as Night of the Demons swag. Bring all and everything you want signed, Angela action figures, posters, pictures, artwork, and I’ll also be signing photos of my own.

This party will be the Golden Girls party of the century! Don’t miss it!

Drag events as well as cosplay for straight fans will be the order of business, so figure out which of the four girls you “are” and come in costume!