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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give private readings?

For the first time in over ten years Amelia has just opened her doors to animal lovers everywhere.  She is absolutely thrilled to meet your four-legged soulmates and is honored to help in any way she can. Since the publication of her first book in 2001, she's been on a world tour and has not been able to give private sessions. Her last private readings were given to a rock star named PINK and movie stars like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.   She will now be available via SKYPE from all over the world for YOU and the furry and feathery loves of your life.  She will be giving a few private readings in person in the countries where she lectures including Switzerland, Germany, England, Norway, South Africa, America, The Isle of Man, and Canada. 

Amelia is not finding lost animals at this time, but she is making space in her schedule to give private readings, private lessons, one-on-one spiritual coaching sessions, and Science of Mind "treatments" for your sick animals where she will teach you how to pray for your pet.  In person, she will also be able to perform hand-on healing for your animals and if need be, help you usher them through the Gates of Heaven with grace, ease, and dignity.  She can speak to angel-animals who are on the Other Side and help relieve any feelings of guilt as well as assist you with your grieving process when you face times of great sorrow.  If you would like to schedule a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Amelia to speak to your very own animal, please enable SKYPE on your computer and acquire a Paypal account for her payment.


We know these are tough times financially and lots of people are struggling, so Amelia has dropped her private session fee from $300 to $230.  This session includes one animal, but she will whisper with two of your animals for $330. 

Please Paypal the fee to or in order to use a credit card, donate the fee to ARK ANGEL, Amelia's charity.  Just visit the ARK ANGEL tab on this site and click on the DONATE button.  Your fee will hold your place on Amelia's waiting list.  For more information please email James at, and one of us will get back to you ASaP with further instructions.

 We would like to have your preferred date and time and have JPEGs of your animal ready to email to Amelia with a list of 5-8 questions.  Your request will be answered as soon as possible, but please be patient because Amelia will be juggling your precious sessions around her nonstop teaching schedule.     House or barn calls are 300 US dollars per hour.  In Europe, her fee is 300 Euros per hour and in England 250 British sterling or 300 sterling for a house-call in London for a limited time only.

Here is an interview with Amelia Kinkade:

Were you born psychic?

No more than every human being everywhere. Although I have always been a fairly intuitive person, it was not until I attended my first workshop in animal communication, just like the ones I now teach, that I discovered this ability was coursing just beneath my skin, waiting to be discovered. All my students have astonishing breakthroughs when they are encouraged to quiet their minds, reconnect with their innate psychic senses, and learn to listen to other living beings with their hearts, not their heads.  

All children are born with astute intuitive abilities and it is not until our culture discourages our sixth sense that these precious skills atrophy. Telepathic ability is as much a learned skill as the mastery of the piano, the violin, or the tackling of any sport like snow-skiing, ice hockey, or volley ball. It is more an art form akin to oil painting or ballet in that it does require great measures of silent discipline and patience.

Can you actually hear voices inside your head?

Yes, I can, but so can you. Just as the clairvoyant images you pick up from animals are "inside your own head," the words or phrases you intuitively hear when engaged in nonverbal communication are "inside your own head." They are not as "loud" as spoken words, but that does not make the conversation any less "real." The gift of clairaudience (clear-hearing) allows us to circumvent the charades required to put together visual puzzle pieces. John Edward, the stellar psychic, tells a story of being shown the golden arches by his spirit guides. He kept blurting out "hamburger" when the message was actually "McDonald." John is also clairaudient so this was just an isolated incident where he was being given visual data instead of auditory data. Although I, too, pick up visual data in my games of psychic charades, I am more inclined to get the information phonetically. My client would have probably heard me blurt out "Mac! Macky! Don! McDonald!" In my book, I quote Paul Gauguin, "I shut my eyes in order to see." My version of that concept would be, "I sit in silence in order to hear."

Do animals really think and feel just like us?

Exactly. They fall in love, they grieve, they reason, they laugh, they hope, they dream, they scheme, they play tricks on us, and they guide and direct our paths more that we could ever imagine. Not only do animals have an astonishing awareness of the emotional climate in their households, they can explain what their humans do for a living, what their psychological limitations are, who they recently married or divorced, where their humans are planning to vacation, who recently passed away in their human’s families and if babies are on the way. Animals can describe in detail not only their own medical conditions but also the medical conditions of their owners. They fall in love deeply, and even those animals who don’t scientifically "mate for life" like dogs, cats, and horses, lament the loss of their chosen loved ones for years after their separation. 

Animals experience the full spectrum of human emotion. Although they don’t always express these psychological dynamics in human fashion, it is dangerous and foolish to assume they are not capable of our entire range of emotion. In fact, it has been my experience that their scope is sometimes larger than that of humans not only in terms of their spontaneity, loyalty, ferocity, grace, and unprecedented powers of forgiveness, but I’ve found that they are also privy to transcendental states of consciousness and more miraculous states of deep healing not accessible to most humans. The unspoken collective human agreement is that animals are shapes, not volumes, empty outlines with nothing inside. From a dimensional sensibility, I view animals for what they are: three dimensional beings with minds, hearts, and souls, not 2D cartoon characters bred for our exploitation.

Can animals reason?

Scientists infected with arcane Descartes-polluted notions still make the rules in the "civilized" world. What a travesty that we in the 21st century have yet to recognize our fellow sentient beings for what they are--thinking, feeling, rational beings whose sanity, sovereignty, and safety is every bit as valuable as ours. Just because other beings do not speak English, does not mean they are inferior to us in any way or deserve to have their rights compromised. Animals understand every word we say. Not only do they "see" the imagery in our minds as we manufacture our thinking processes, they correlate language and respond to our thoughts and emotions. I have never met a person who lived with an animal who didn’t have that animal at one time or another respond to an unspoken command before that person even "said it out loud." Would that I had a nickel for every person who told me, "I didn’t even have to reach for my car keys! I was just thinking about taking my dog for a drive, and the dog went wild!" Not only do they understand our language, they often react before we even speak. All animals respond to your telepathic wishes, whether you speak your words out loud or not...unless, of course, you have a cat. *smile*

Do you work with humans, too, or only animals?

I work with humans AND other animals. Telepathing with humans is no different than telepathing with any other species of animal, except in that some humans put up smoke-screens of self deception that take psychic energy to penetrate. Animals don’t lie. They may joke, but they never lie. When you ask a dog why he is upset, he will answer you instantly. If you ask a cat, she will answer you shamelessly and unapologetically. If you ask a human, she might not know. Many humans are so disconnected from their bodies and emotions, and so armored with emotional debris that it makes working with them arduous. Of course, I can’t read an animal without reading his guardian, because whatever behavioral problems or even medical problems we unravel are often intrinsically connected to the human guardian.

Many of the problems people have called me to solve over the years were problems they created, but it is always my pleasure to reflect back and shine light on any situation where I can foster healing between humans and other animals.

Can you find lost animals?

Yes. So can you. Everyone can find lost animals. I have an entire chapter in Straight From the Horse’s Mouth on "tracking," the ability to move your consciousness to wherever that animal is and see out her eyes. We also do this by engaging in "remote viewing," the ability to travel out of body and see the animal from the outside. Although this sounds very magical and mystical, there is nothing supernatural about these abilities. They are natural human abilities innate in all of us that have simply been ignored in our Western society. Reawakening these processes requires that we repattern our brainwaves and this can only be accomplished through deep states of transcendental meditation and heavy doses of discipline. These marvelous abilities are available to us all, but achieving this profound level of concentration is no cakewalk.

Can you talk to animals even if they’re dead?

Yes, but once again, we are talking about engaging in deep states of tender sacred silence. In order to arrive at this state of grace, you need to make a huge commitment to your spiritual awakening and the relinquishing of your ego. It takes tremendous concentration to walk in "dreamtime--the world between worlds." Because what I contact when I’m reading an animal is always their eternal essence (their soul), I often don’t know if the animal is dead or alive. The astral body is eternal and is usually available for contact even after an animal has crossed over to the Other Side.

How can I tell if my animal is in pain

I explain the technique I call X-ray vision in great detail in my book. Medical Gestalt is the skill-set wherein we move our consciousness outside our own bodies and into the bodies of other living creatures. It is no more complicated than reaching over to turn the knob of a radio. These skills have simply been buried in our frenetic culture. Sometimes simplest is best. Nothing is more crucial than being able to discern the difference in emotional and physical pain in your loved ones. When you practice Gestalt and learn to merge your consciousness with animals (and even other humans) for a split second, their stomachache will become your stomachache; their arthritis will become your arthritis. In a great moment of self-sacrifice and compassion, you will allow yourself to feel their pain and thereby diagnose and help alleviate their illnesses. The only prerequisite for this skill-set is an open heart, and the courage to feel what might not feel good to you, but what might bring great healing to others. 

How can I learn to listen to animals?

Learning to quiet your mind and enter the silence is the foundation of every skill I can present to you. Only an empty cup can be filled. When we think a thought, it is our natural tendency to manufacture our next thought with no time in between. We rarely--if ever--listen. Only when our mind is at rest can we receive intuitive impressions from the outside. Start by sitting in complete silence for a few minutes every day. Learn to turn off your brain as if it were a radio station that perpetually sends programming out into the ethers. Give the deejay a coffee break. Instead of allowing your mind to be filled with thoughts and fears--products only of the past and worries about the future--focus your mind on the present moment. Now focus on your heart. Let your breath be your only song. Now sit with your animal--in the moment--in love...and listen.

How can I tell if it’s "just my imagination" or if the information is really coming from outside of me?

Intuitive data has a slightly different quality than the images we manufacture from the inside. The thoughts come in quicker, or sharper, or warmer, or funnier, or they seem to hit us "from left field." Only when you become acutely aware of what kind of information your own mind perpetually manufactures can you identify data from the outside. The first step is to learn to monitor your own thinking process at all times. Many people don’t really know what they themselves are thinking or feeling. Get to know the contents of your own mind.

Can you talk to ANY kind of animal?

Yes. If it is alive on earth, it is a sentient being with the ability to communicate.


Can you talk to insects?

Yes. Insects are on a different wavelength psychically than mammals, but they are still intelligent and emotional beings who engage in complicated relationships. Just because another being’s body is comprised from a different organic design does not mean its life has less meaning or importance that our own. Please remember that every insect everywhere, no matter how small and leggy is just a little animal trying to make a living in the world.

Are some animals more intelligent than others?

No. When I first started working with gorillas, many of my friends oohed and aahed. "Now, this will be really interesting, " they said, "because gorillas are so much like us." Not so. Gorillas’ minds are no more complicated than house cats, their emotional lives no richer than those of horses, and their thinking processes no more fascinating than those of iguanas; and NONE of those dynamics fall short of the human scope of consciousness. In fact, many humans pale in comparison to the emotional depth and intellectual prowess of some animals I’ve known. All animals everywhere can think. All animals everywhere can love. And all animals everywhere can suffer. There is no way to forgive scientific experiments on rabbits or rats because they are "less intelligent" than other animals. There is no grounds whatsoever for this assumption. One of the most spectacular readings I’ve ever done was with two rats who gave me the name of their owner’s departed Grandmother, "Suzy." They described the woman’s blonde hair in detail and said their recently deceased sister was now in Suzy’s safekeeping. One of the rats was so traumatized by her sister’s death, she had barely eaten in 5 months. The way we treat creatures who are smaller and less fortunate than us says nothing about their intelligence. It says everything about our own.

When I practice X-ray vision will I feel the animal’s pain in my own body?

Yes. Their physical sensations will become your physical sensations. Their emotions will become your emotions. You will simply use your body as an instrument to log information as you navigate your consciousness through the body of another living being.

Once I connect, how do I survive the pain?

As I stated in my book, your job as a healer is not to go in and get burned. You will act like a fireman. Your job is to go in, locate the pain, and put the fire out. Learning how to retreat from contact is as important as learning how to engage in contact.

Do animals have a collective soul?

No more than humans have a collective soul. I may be at odds with many spiritual masters when I make this statement, but my information is deduced entirely from my own experience. I have conversed with thousands of animals on the Other Side, and they are as tangible and available for communication as they were in the flesh. Our bodies are our cars, but our spirits are the drivers. To make the assumption that humans, which are nothing more than one of 5 kinds of primates, maintain spiritual autonomy after death but gorillas, orangutans, dolphins, whales, chimpanzees, and cheetahs go back into some sort of mundane animal-soup is sheer arrogance. We are animals, and not nearly as venerable a species as some that swim under the water’s edge. 

Do animals reincarnate?

Absolutely. The tales of animal reincarnation are numerous and fascinating. I’ve had hundreds of animals describe their former bodies (and names!) in prior incarnations earlier in their guardians’ lives and I’ve even heard animals describe their former homes and vets! This is not a philosophy of mine. I simply record the data I’m given on a daily basis, and all the information is in sync. Because their life spans are shorter than ours, it is not uncommon to get the same animal in your life more than once. Spirits travel in packs. We incarnate together because we want to incarnate together, and although space and time are illusions, there is one constant in the universe that dissolves all illusions. That constant is love. Love transcends all space and time.

Do we have the right to eat animals?

It would be a lovely world if we could act with compassion toward all sentient beings. A pig is no less loving, loyal, emotional, and intelligent than a Golden Retriever, yet if a dog were subject to the torture our pigs endure on a daily basis, the public outcry would be deafening. Cows are not inferior to horses, yet they are treated worse than slaves. Until the animal kingdom is free from suffering, there will be no justice on earth.

Do we have the right to perform medical experiments on animals?

If you want to rot in hell.

Does human karma apply to animals?

Yes. Even if we don’t see how we suffer for our mistreatment of animals, we suffer every moment in the absence of their love--not in the absence of their love for us, because their tolerance and compassion toward the human race know no bounds, but we suffer daily in the absence of our love for them. To live unconsciously and invoke pain on animals is to divorce yourself from the realms of love and tenderness that could completely heal ourselves and our world.

Can animals tell us when they’re ready to say goodbye?

Yes. You can set up signs and signals so that they can show you if and when they’re ready to go. They can also tell you if they need human assistance or want to "go on their own." Few other aspects of my work are as rewarding as assisting my animal clients through their sacred passage. I hold forever in my heart every animal that has allowed me to witness his spirit frolic into eternity.

Should cats be allowed to go outside?

If you live in a neighborhood where traffic or coyotes are a danger, you will have to make an educated decision based on the perils of your environment. However, I am a big advocate that cats simply must have grass under their feet, wind in their face, trees to climb, sunshine on their fur, butterflies to investigate, stars to navigate their evening adventures, and moonlight reflected in their eyes. There is not only an energetic interchange between felines and other living things and felines and the chi (life-force) of plants, but there is a magnetic healing effect emanating from the earth itself that maintains a cat’s health. This is no less true of humans. We need to have the earth under our feet to maintain our equilibrium. Living in these toxic wood and concrete oversized shoe-boxes (houses) is doing nothing for our well-being. Of course, I’d prefer to see cats locked in spacious homes if their only alternative is cages at the shelter or worse yet, death row at the pound, but a more perfect world is a world where cats can roam free and act like cats, not doorstops. If you can’t accommodate a yard for your cat, even a balcony
with flowers and an herb garden would be much appreciated.

Can you do hands-on healing or perform absent healing?

Yes. A more advanced form of Gestalt is to not only go into the body of another living being and identify the problem, but "see it well." Albert Einstein said "Imagination is more important that knowledge." Never is this more true than when we realize that our thoughts manifest in the material world. Sometimes slowly, sometimes with great effort, but they always hit their mark. The key of all healing is to see the patient well. We all have the tendency to manifest our fears, and once a negative pattern is established, our fears unconsciously feed the outcome that we don’t want. The only real obstacle in healing any physical ailment is that the psychological origins of the ailment must be addressed. For this reason, I cannot simply "heal your horse’s cancer." We must first investigate the nature of the illness, determine what your horse is trying to learn from his experience, identify how much of the negativity was caused by your own projection and then do the real work--investigate why you manifested this challenge in your life. Only then can we alleviate the problem with the assurance that it will not recur. I do not pray to take pain away. I pray that lessons be learned so that this pain will never have to manifest ever again. However, animals also have free will and their own destinies to fulfill. Sometimes despite our best intentions, it is not our destiny to heal them, but to assist their sacred passage and deliver them into the arms of the angels. Suffering is our mighty teacher, but when we stay committed to opening our hearts and listening to our Divine Guidance, we can truly live in a state of grace, knowing that God is all there is.