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Amelia Kinkade 
The Lakes District Festival
March 17-18, 2012


Amelia Kinkade - Awakening to Animals Conference

The "Awakening to Animals - Bridging New
Science and Animal Spirituality" Conference

17th – 18th March 2012
at the
Low Wood Bay Hotel
Windermere, Lake District, England



Let us share with you the very exciting line up of speakers that we have coming to talk and spend time with you at our beautiful venue on Lake Windermere.

Amelia Kinkade

Amelia Kinkade - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Amelia Kinkade is our amazing opening Keynote Speaker. This much celebrated international animal communicator is author of Straight from the Horses Mouth and The Language of Miracles. Amelia teaches around the world, is an international speaker and assists many African animal rescue organisations. She does a huge amount of work to assist these organisations, by communicating with the animals and sharing their perspectives with the people that care for them. She has even visited Buckingham Palace in 2002 to communicate with the Queen’s horses, at her request.


Amelia Kinkade

Margrit Coates - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Margrit Coates is the world’s leading animal healer and a renowned animal communicator. Margrit is the author of six books on the topic, three related to horses and three related to companion animals. TV appearances include Pet Nation and Animal Roadshow and Margrit has written articles and columns for numerous publications including the Daily Mail newspaper. Margrit is passionate about encouraging people to develop their innate healing and intuitive skills to improve the human - animal bond.

Amelia Kinkade

Nick Thompson - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Nick Thompson is a holistic vet with a passion for raising the welfare and health of animals, trained as a vet Nick quickly went on to learn Homeopathy and Acupuncture and has a practice based in Bath, England offering holistic treatments to his many animal clients. He is also a part time lecturer at Southampton University, teaching the holistic methods to animal behaviourist students with a link to animal behaviour issues. He also edited the updated book by George Macleod, The Treatment of Horses by Homeopathy. Nick writes for many magazines and publications including Dogs Today, Horse magazine and Your Dog magazine.

Amelia Kinkade

Billie Dean - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Billie Dean - This wonderful Australian Shaman and animal communicator, through writing, teaching and films, has a mission to “see” a world of kindness and compassion, a world where no animal feels fear, pain or suffering.



Amelia Kinkade

Richard Deboo - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Richard Deboo - Animal rights public speaker and school educator, Richard was also the deputy leader and co-founder of the political party Animals Count, between 2009-11, where they were able to raise awareness for animal rights to thousands of people. Richard also had his first book published, Nine Steps to Eden, in June 2011.



Amelia Kinkade

Brian Reid - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Brian Reid - Brian’s Mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by using the model of ‘The Horse’ to achieve freedom from limiting thoughts in order to make a true connection with oneself. Using a fun interactive setting, he brings clarity to existing personal development principles and natural laws. The main horse that he uses to teach horse centred self development to humans is Brenda Lee, a very special horse indeed. Check out Brian’s website:

Amelia Kinkade 

Loesje Jacob - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Loesje (pronounced “Loosha”) Jacob is passionate about Humans & Animals! As a mother of two, animal owner & animal professional, Loesje has always strived to provide the best for those under her care, & for clients who trust her to train & provide assistance for their animals. Loesje has focused her practice around the Globe to facilitating the animal-human connection via an experiential class her daughter Emily & she have founded together, "Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey." In 2001, Loesje discovered the BodyTalk System & knew it was the answer to her desire to provide a more effective level of care. She is also an active International Certified BodyTalk for Animals Instuctor, Certified BodyTalk Instructor(for humans), & Adv BodyTalk Practitioner, as well as a number of other energetic healing modalities. Loesje uses the combination of Intercellular Communication and BodyTalk to help alleviate trauma, pain, behavioural & health challenges in animals (& humans).
Check out Loesje’s website:

Amelia Kinkade

Linda Tucker - The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012Linda Tucker our very special closing keynote speaker. Linda is the founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust which is located in the Timbavati region of South Africa. She was educated at the universities of Cape Town and Cambridge, where she specialised in Jungian dream psychology and medieval symbolism. She had a career as a model and then in marketing. Linda began her research into the White Lion mysteries after being rescued from lions in the Timbavati region of South Africa in 1991 by a shangaan shaman woman, Maria Khosa. After studying lions with African Elders for ten years Linda founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust, to ensure the protection of these magnificent creatures. Her work to return White Lions to their natural homeland of the Timbavati region of South Africa continues tirelessly. Linda is also the author of Mystery Of The White Lions – Children Of The Sun God.

Amelia Kinkade


Our venue, The Low Wood Bay Hotel, has been specially chosen to enhance your whole conference experience. Situated less than 200 metres from the shores of Lake Windermere, it offers spectacular views and high class accommodation, with generous discounts for conference attendees who choose to “stay over”. CLICK HERE for details of the hotel to visit their website.

For ALL accommodation bookings, access to preferential rates and alternative options please contact Conferences Group at:
Phone: 0845 3519917

So we’re hoping, by now, that you are getting very excited by this incredible line up of speakers and that you really want to come and join in the fun! There are a limited number of tickets available, so we are writing to you first to give you the best opportunity of securing your seats!

The standard ticket price is £295 for the whole weekend. This includes all refreshments (hot and cold drinks will be available throughout the conference days, at no additional charge) and a two course hot and cold buffet lunch.

However, in addition to this personal advance invitation you can also benefit from a great early bird booking discount of 17% if you book before the 3rd February 2012. This brings the price to only £245, amazing value for such a high-calibre line-up of world class speakers! *

Amelia Kinkade


Booking couldn’t be simpler. Just click on REGISTER NOW below and you will be taken to our booking site, you can pay online safely and you will receive your tickets via e-mail that you simply print off and bring with you.
Please note that by clicking on Register Now you agree to our Terms & Conditions detailed below**

All major credit and debit cards accepted.

The Lakes District Festival, March 17-18, 2012

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In addition, we are donating 20% percent of the net profits to two wonderful animal charities:

Save Me founded by Brian May, legendary lead guitarist of Queen and passionate animal welfare campaigner. Its purpose is to promote decent treatment for animals. They believe that every creature deserves a decent life and a decent death.

The Doctor Hadwen Trust founded by Sidney Hicks, it is the UK’s leading medical research charity that funds and promotes the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research and testing.

Visit the conference WEBSITE for even more information too!

*In addition to the great early bird saving, if you buy three or more tickets before our early bird cut off date, you will also receive an additional 5% discount on your ticket, taking your ticket price down to just £227.15. We hope you agree that this is really great value for such a wonderful weekend conference.

Amelia Kinkade

Sending warm wishes from,
Elaine, Sue and Julie

Founders of the “Awakening to Animals-Bridging New Science
and Animal Spirituality” Conference


Julie Lines is one of the UK's most respected animal communicators. She regularly appears as a columnist and expert in several international animal publications and has one of the largest and most passionate social media followings of its kind on the net. She has also spent many years travelling the world as a recognised expert in the field of coaching and personal development.
This combination of skills gives Julie a rare ability to not only faithfully translate messages from animals and guide you to learn how for yourself, but also to help you to remember Universal truths and to make transpersonal leaps in your own evolution. Her services include; Playshops, Retreats, Webinars, One to One Consultations as well as writing and co-creating books, including The Purpose of Species which is available at Learn more about Julie at

Working together, Elaine Downs and Sue Reid have developed the reputation as 2 of the UK’s leading authorities in animal healing and communication. Their expertise has been featured across a number of high profile mediums over the years including appearances on BBC 2’s ‘Pets Are People’, interviews on Steve Wright’s hugely popular BBC Radio 2 afternoon show and on BBC 5 Live as well as articles by The Daily Mirror and The Daily Express. Sue qualified as a hugely skilled dog trainer and went on to become an astonishing healer in many modalities including; Reiki Master, Animal Flower Essence Therapist, Emotional Freedom and Emotrance Practitioner and Meridian Therapist Trainer.

Elaine’s journey began somewhat differently, via a communication years ago with one of her dogs (at a time when her career was specializing in law!). Since that day, she has embraced her animal communication gift and has also gone on to become a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Emotional Freedom and Emotrance Practitioner.

Having all of these abilities at their disposal, Elaine and Sue’s approach is a truly special one that, not only helps you to understand and connect to the animal kingdom, but also helps you to free mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues for yourself and your animals. Learn more about Elaine and Sue at

Amelia Kinkade


  • The conference tickets are non-refundable unless the conference is cancelled by the organisers.
  • The conference tickets are not transferable.
  • We will not be responsible for any tickets that are lost or stolen.
  • Tickets are sold subject to the Conference Organisers right to alter or vary the programme due to events or circumstances beyond their reasonable control without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.
  • Every effort to admit latecomers will be made at a suitable break in the event, but admission cannot always be guaranteed, so please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time prior to the conference start time on both days.
  • Ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording as members of the audience.
  • The Conference Organisers accept no responsibility for any personal property.
  • The Conference Organisers shall not have any further liability beyond the face value of the ticket purchased.
  • The Conference Organisers shall not be liable for any loss of enjoyment or wasted expenditure.
  • Personal arrangements including travel, subsistence and accommodation relating to the conference which have been arranged by you are at your own risk.
  • Please consider buying insurance in the event of any personal losses occurring.
  • Entry will not be allowed without a valid ticket.

Constant Contact

Amelia Kinkade

If you miss this special conference...

Amelia will be RETURNING TO the LAKE DISTRICT in ENGLAND to teach her magical annual seminar on June 16-17 with two optional excursions to the WILD ANIMAL PARK on June 18 and 19th. In order to sign up, please contact Sue Bond at:

Please visit the schedule page on in order to see the rest of her schedule in 2012, including:




Her other biggest celebration in Animal Communication will take place in ZURICH SWITZERLAND on April 14-16! This is always a dazzling treat for the heart, mind and body!

She will be teaching and dancing with her marvelous German students in the countryside outside of COLOGNE GERMANY on June 2-4.

But don’t miss her right her in the United States in sunny warm WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA on March 3-5.

Her summer celebration in the US will take place this year in gorgeous VERMONT on June 30-July 2!!!

Please stay posted for a summer workshop in CANADA this summer.

She’ll be back in smart and sassy New York City on August 25-26, and back to the bewitching UK to teach on the stunning Isle of Man on Aug. 31-Sep. 2, and Sep. 21-23.

Then it’s back to AFRICA for more magnificent exhilarating safaris in Zambia in October. Take a breathtaking vacation of a lifetime with Amelia in the Garden of Eden on earth! Sign up early to secure your place!

What a wonderful way to honor your animal loved ones in 2012—by including them in the magic!

Amelia Kinkade - Animal Communicator

Amelia KinkadeTell your animals how much you love them every day, every hour, every minute, and put your focus not on the man-made world, but on the God-made world, where Mother Nature was allowed to create her Masterpieces, the embodiment of unconditional love... the animals. Take my hand as we comfort the earth’s animals in these times of change. Be strong for those who need you, even if they have four legs, or no legs, fins, or wings.

With purrs, tail-wags, roars, and fin-high fives,

~ Amelia

Amelia Kinkade - Animal Communicator

“We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

~ Mother Teresa


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