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Amelia's Workshop"I came out of Amelia Kinkade's workshop totally exhilarated. I went through the whole gamut of emotions from laughter to tears (lots of laughter.) Amelia's workshop is so powerful and insightful. As she teaches her students to let go of our egos, we are down to earth yet our spirituality soars. Amelia's love and passion of animals and humans radiates from her, as she fearlessly shares her amazing gift and still has the courage to be vulnerable. She reminds us that we can be powerful and do great work and still retain our sense of humor--and Amelia's is irrepressible.
Amelia nurtured my own gift of insight with the animals and lovingly empowered me to have the courage to own it. The goddesses of animals and humans and all living things appear to walk with her."

-- Nadia Sutton, Founder of PAWS LA 

PAWS LA is a charity dedicated to enriching the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS and other life threatening illnesses by providing services that allow them to keep and care for their beloved pets.

  "The bond between people and their animal companions is indescribable. The ability to gain insight into a beloved pet’s wants, desires and needs is a true dream come true. Amelia helped me develop my gift and gave me the confidence that i needed and for that i am very grateful - it was a pleasure to work with you again Amelia again." 
   -- Melanie Cruickshank


THE LANGUAGE OF MIRACLES ONLINE is now OPEN and enrolling students for Amelia's new 6-week summer series: WEAVE A NEW WEB.  Tuesdays beginning July 23, 2020.


The webinar is now ready for enrollment, and should you choose to sign up but can't attend the session live, you will be sent all the recorded lessons as links so that you don't miss a thing!  Please visit:


A Two-Day Celebration of Animals and Magic!

The first day will involve a lecture on how telepathic processes work. Amelia will make parallels between intuitive processes and quantum processes, drawing on the latest exciting discoveries in quantum physics: quantum holograms. This will be followed by practice sessions with live animals, meditations designed to excavate your own innate psychic power, and interactive games and exercises to activate the creative hemisphere of the brain.

On the first day, students will be encouraged to learn to "pick up" images, emotions, physical sensations, and even words from the animal-teachers present. There will be LOTS of laughter on the first day, and more than likely, a few tears as well.

The second day will delve deeper into Medical Gestalt where we can learn to locate the aches and pains inside the bodies of our animal loved-ones, fine-tune and hone our focus in order to better assess the animals' wants and needs. We will learn to run the "memory" programs of animals to discover what physical and psychological damage they may have encountered in the past. Hand in hand with the healing of the animals, Amelia will encourage you through gentle meditations to eliminate your own psychological blocks, the "virus programs" you may be running in your own "personal computer" that keep you from experiencing a heightened sensitivity where you can commune with other beings without fear. LIVE ANIMALS will be present as our guest-teachers.  

Amelia's classA Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Amelia invites you to bring pictures of your animals at home, photos where we can clearly see into the animal's eyes, so that you can swap off these pictures with other participants and learn to "read" nonlocal information from the photographs. This practice include mediumship where you may contact animal "angels," your nonhuman loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side. The holography of animals in "heaven" is as easy to access as animals on earth.

Warning: there will be disco dancing. And laughter. So wear comfortable shoes