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“Fear is optional. Love isn’t.”

Amelia is best known as a cult movie star who has devoted her life to the welfare of animals. Amelia is the author of 6 books about Animal Communication, now available in over 40 countries including the bestseller, Straight From the Horse’s Mouth:  How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers (originally Crown Books in the US, now New World Library, HarperCollins in London, Johannesburg, and Sydney,)The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals (New World Library), Soulmates with Paws, Hooves, and Wings, Aurora’s Secret, and The Winged One (Amazon.)

Amelia is an inspirational speaker who has lectured in 27 countries such as United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, the Canary Islands, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Brazil, Thailand, Costa Rica, Zambia, Rwanda, and South Africa where she trains animal lovers from all walks of life including doctors and vets. 

Amelia’s abilities have been the focus of hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles world-wide, including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, ABC News, The Boston North Shore Sunday, The London Sunday News of The World, Good Housekeeping, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, New Woman, The Wave in England, Bilt de Frau in Germany, and the cover of the Freitseit Kurier in Vienna, and the cover of the Star in Johannesburg.

Amelia was featured in The 100 Top Psychics in America (Simon and Schuster.)  Amelia Kinkade is the founder of Amelia’s Ark Angel Society, a charity that educates children about wildlife and helps save endangered species in rural Africa. 

She is the founder of The Language of Miracle’s Institute online and now teaches webinars so that you can learn Animal Communication in the privacy of your own home.

Amelia’s clients include rock stars like Pink, Duffy, and Sophie B. Hawkins, movie stars such as Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Shirley MacLaine, and Amy Smart, music producer mogels like Teresa LeBarbera Whites who discovered Beyonce, Brittany Spears, and Jessica Simpson, television stars like Barbara Walters, Leeza Gibbons, Kelsey Grammer, and the late Dick Clark, literary superstars like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Arielle Ford, Lynn Andrews, and Alan Cohen, top models like Tatjana Patitz and Katherine Oxenburg, movie producers like Michael Taylor (producer of the films Phenomenon with John Travolta and Instinct with Anthony Hopkins,) British royalty like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, Policemen such as the now retired lieutenant of NYPD Swat, Olympic show jumpers like Luciana Diniz and their patron such as Edouard de Rothschild, and even the astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell who mentored her second book, The Language of Miracles. Amelia also volunteers for icons in the world of global animal conservation, which include Dame Daphne Sheldrick and her orphaned elephants in Nairobi, Lesley Rochat and her Great White Sharks in Cape Town, Dr. Penny Patterson and her gorilla in California, Tiger Canyon in South Africa, SANCOOB in Africa that rescues orphaned penguins, and Shumbashaba in Johannesburg that rehabilitates physically challenged children with the help of Lippizaner stallions.  Amelia’s other clients are the world’s top Olympic show horses, South Africa’s top show dogs, and the the rescued beagles of the Beagle Freedom Project in Los Angeles that rescues dogs from laboratories. But aside from rock stars, and movie stars, Amelia’s most beloved clients are just normal folks who love their animals more than anything in the world. 

(The Psychic Show in Manchester, England filmed five episodes on Amelia’s work, including troubleshooting at an elephant sanctuary.)

Miss Kinkade has appeared on television programs including The View, The Other Half, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Extra, VH1, Jenny Jones, The BBC News, Carte Blanche in South Africa, Beyond with George Noory, and numerous news broadcasts in the US, Europe, and Australia. She has been heard on over 300 radio programs in the last few years from Memphis to Cape Town, South Africa. A BBC documentary was created around her work with the elephants in the Kruger National Park and a BBC children’s programming tour was created for her youngest most open-minded fans. 

Amelia’s true passion is teaching wildlife conservation in African schools, for her non-profit charity, Ark Angel, as well as assisting animal rescue organizations in Africa who create safe havens for relocated tigers, native lions, elephants, gorilla, cheetah, rhino, hippos, Great White Sharks, penguins, baboons, and even bats and spitting cobra.  Amelia also trouble-shoots problems in sanctuaries all over the world that rescue tigers, horses, wolves, bears, lions, alpaca, Asian elephants, birds of prey, and countless breeds of exotic and domestic animals. In 2002, she was honored to accept invitations to Buckingham Palace to work with the household cavalry of Queen Elizabeth II and to “whisper” with the hunting horses of Prince Charles.  In 2013, she flew to Germany to help the Olympic show horses prepare for the Olympics in London. In America, Amelia assists the horses at Bravehearts, a Chicago-based horse rescue that helps rehabilitates veterans returning traumatized from the war. Amelia also leads whale, dolphin, manta ray, and sea turtle retreats in Hawaii when the Humpback Whales gather to mate and calf.

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“Winningmood” wins the Gold in Vienna.

LOVE WINS! Amelia Kinkade is the happiest horse whisperer alive!  She is the coach of the world’s most glorious Olympic level show horses and just proved that compassion, gentleness, and respect can make horses want to FLY!  Her most celebrated horse-clients won the gold and silver medals in the Longines Global Championships in Rome, Vienna and Doha, Quatar!  Amelia flew from Africa to Rome and Vienna in October of 2015 to champion her treasured hooved friends, Winningmood and his girlfriend, Fit For Fun, showing there’s only one way to win: to honor their wild spirits and preserve their dignity at all costs.  Both horses are jumped by Luciana Diniz for Portugal in the Olympics, and Winni is “owned” by Edourd de Rothschild, who proves that his taste in and love for horses is profound. 

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Does Amelia give private readings? Since the publication of her first book in 2001, she’s been on a world tour and has not been able to give private sessions. Her last private readings were given to rock stars like Pink, Duffy, Sophie B. Hawkins and movie stars like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  For the first time in over ten years Amelia has just opened her doors to animal lovers everywhere.  She is absolutely thrilled to meet your four-legged soulmates and is honored to help in any way she can. In order to schedule a session with Amelia, please email her directly at: Paws2listenwithamelia@gmail.com.

Amelia Kinkade was born in Ft. Worth, Texas on New Year’s Eve, 1968. She is of Cherokee and Irish descent, but she is a card-carrying Choctaw Indian, and the latest research indicates she may also have descended from a wild clan of Portuguese pirates.  Her first passion was classical piano, but she shifted her attention to ballet when she started training to be a professional dancer at the age of 11. She was not born clairvoyant with animals. Although she adored animals her entire life, she didn’t develop her gift until her mid-twenties. Because she learned this amazing ability from scratch, she has been able to create a system of teaching telepathic communication to her students all over the world.


Amelia has a word with KING JINX!
Amelia has a word with KING JINX!

Only a few months after discovering her telepathic ability in an animal communication workshop, Amelia went to a Hollywood party, given by a television director. Amelia sneaked away from the party (which was a séance with the not-yet-famous James Van Praagh) to have a chat with the man’s two gorgeous Golden Retrievers and test out her newfound abilities; Amelia kept the conversation to herself, but news travels fast in Tinsel Town. A few weeks later came an urgent call from the director. One of the dogs, had scratched most of the skin off the left side of her chin. Their vet could find no cause for the obsessive scratching. Amelia successfully diagnosed the problem when she told the director that the irritating factors were two-fold: She “saw” new cream-colored wall-to-wall carpeting in the man’s home that was causing an allergic reaction in the dog and she “felt” that the dog-owner’s roommate had just had a painful dental surgery on the same side of his mouth where the dog was scratching. When both situations were confirmed, Amelia was stunned. The precious dog was experiencing both physical and emotionally sympathetic causes for her painful condition. The implications were staggering.

A week later came another call. The director’s roommate had just taken a job on The Mo Show, Mo Gaffney’s talk show, and would Amelia appear as a celebrity guest? That began a string of media appearances that prepared her for her new career as an international speaker. After the publication of Straight From the Horse’s Mouth in 2001, Amelia scheduled her first world tour and now lectures in at least 30 cities (about 12 countries) annually.

When Amelia is not writing and teaching workshops in animal communication, she relishes her time behind the brush–the watercolor brush. She wrote and illustrated her first children’s novel, THE WINGED ONE with pen and ink drawings and watercolor paintings. Amelia’s whimsical artwork has become available to the public! She studied life drawing, figure construction, anatomy, perspective drawing,and quick sketch at the American Animation Academy under the watchful eye of the legendary Karl Gnass, one of the world’s most revered art teachers. (Order The Winged One on Amazon and meet King Jinx, the big bad king of the Electrolynx.)

When she isn’t drawing, she’s dancing.
Before discovering her psychic ability, Amelia graduated from the world-renowned Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan with a major in modern dance. Her training included years of study with the New Orleans Ballet, Martha Graham training with Ko Yukihiro, and a scholarship to Gus Giordano’s in Chicago.

In Los Angeles, she enjoyed a dazzling career as a professional jazz dancer and choreographer. As a lead dancer, she performed with Smoky Robinson, Ray Charles, The Four Tops, and a multitude of Motown Stars in the TV series, The Motown Review. She was a featured dancer in the films, Breakin’ 2, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Body Rock, and Fast Forward, among others. Amelia toured with Donna Summer and starred in a multitude of rock videos including The Stray Cats, Cher, The Scorpions, Yarborough and Peoples, and Sheena Easton. Amelia also starred in a series of unforgettable horror movies that have garnered such a cult following, she signs autographs at Sci-fi movie conventions where fans greet her with tattoos of her on their bodies. (Horror fans, visit Angela’s Party on this site.)

Amelia has taught and trained professional dancers in Los Angeles. Her new passion is Salsa dancing. She can be caught kicking up her glittery heels in Salsa clubs from Manhattan to Dublin, Ireland.

Amelia attests that all left-brain artistic and athletic activities aid psychic communication, by patterning brain waves to observe and log visual and tactile information in the absence of language. She believes that both drawing and dancing are powerful forms of skill-building nonverbal communication that help develop and fine-tune intuition.

“God can only do for us what God does through us. People ask me if I pray every day. No, I pray every moment. My every breath is a prayer.” 

And pray she should.  For fun, she gets her kicks through death-defying extreme sports.  In 2011, she did the world’s highest bungee jump. In 2012, she learned to white water kayak and she white water rafting the Zambezi (with 24 class 3-5 rapids.)  In between her quality time spent playing with Great White sharks, Siberian tiger cubs and black mamba, she learned to paraglide so that she could release rescued birds from a paraglider.  In 2012, Amelia went paragliding in the Alps and divebombed herds of Alpine goats who were very surprised to see her.  This new brand of wild-hearted minister is always looking for something exciting to rock her world…and new ways for her to rock your world.

Even this little reptile in Milan Italy was drawn toward the Light!

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Brazil is missing on this check-list, but Amelia taught Animal Communication in Sao Paulo at the barn of the world’s top show horses who jump for Portugal in the Olympics.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” –Al Einstein