About Amelia

about amelia
Meet Amelia

LOVE WINS! Amelia Kinkade is the happiest horse whisperer alive!  She is the coach of the world’s most glorious Olympic level show horses and just proved that LOVE, GENTLENESS, COMPASSION, PRAYER, RESPECT, DANCE, MUSIC and HUMOR can make horses FLY!  Her most celebrated horse-clients (and friends) just won the GOLD and SIVER medals in the grande prixs of the Longines Global Championships in Rome, Vienna and Doha, Quatar!  Amelia flew from Africa to Rome and Vienna in October of 2015 to champion her treasured hooved friends, Winningmood and his girlfriendFit For Fun (bought at the request of Winni via Amelia.) These horses have taken the world BY STORM, showing there’s only one way to “win:” to honor their wild spirits and preserve their dignity at all costs.  And in the presence of such love and reverence these horses can FLY!  Both horses are jumped by Luciana Diniz for Portugal in the Olympics, and Winni is “owned” by Edourd de Rothschild, who proves that his taste in and love for horses is profound.  Amelia is the founder of the ARK ANGEL Society, a non-profit organization that goes into rural communities in Africa to teach children about conservation so that they don’t grow up to be poachers. Please watch Ark Angel’s latest projects and support Amelia’s efforts in transforming the next generation of children into animal-protectors.

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