Angela’s Party

We’re gonna have a RE-VO-LUTION!

What wild animal doesn’t have a wild side? I’ve only got one goal: world domination!

amelias Party
Haven’t caught me at a con yet? What a DRAG! Here are some pics to make your heart jump! My schedule of horror cons is below. Don’t be afraid! Scroll on down!
“Welcome to my party.”

Amelia is best known as a cult movie star who has devoted her life to the welfare of animals.  Forever honored in indelible ink for her starring role as “Angela” in the cult trilogy of horror movies, Night of the Demons parts 1, 2, and 3. Amelia loves to greet fans all over world. She’s elated to meet fan who have tattooed Angela’s face on their chests, arms, backs, thighs…and calves. 

Could I give these fans a “leg up” or give them “a hand” by being their Spirit Animal?
tattooed friends

As the only female she-devil in movie history, Amelia was inducted into the Horror Movie Hall of Fame in 2014 in San Antonio Texas at a film-festival devoted exclusively to her movies and her character, Angela. 

Taking a break to fan my flames on the set of Demons 3, shot in Montreal.
The idea of appearing at cons in costume and then urging my entire cast to recreate their costumes for photo ops sparked to life when my assistant and dear friend, Gregory Abelar, let me try on HIS dress! My “Mangela,” Greg, had been honoring “Angela” by dressing in drag as me in the Hollywood gay parade every year, and now is my matching book-end at many cons! A night of goofing off and “having too much fun in my dress,” has become a phenomenon on the con scene!




October 29th, 2022 KATY, TEXAS (near Houston)

My co-star, Hal Havins, (Stooge) from Night of the Demons 1 will be with me for this one-day Halloween party, so come get those hard-to-get autographs, and celebrate Halloween with us!

I’ve lost over 20 lbs during Covid, so now if you come to see me, I won’t look like a stuffed sausage in this dress! Linnea shows us here that “aging” is simply NOT ON for timeless demons! Just look at her legs!


Raleigh, North Carolina

May 27-29, 2022

This is my first convention in Raleigh, and I’m thrilled to be invited to the Carolina Fearfest! Want to kick off summer with a week-end of parties that are going to be hot, hot, hot? Doesn’t this look like wicked fun?

My “Mangela” steps in for “Angela” when I’m not in costume for photo ops!

Calgary Horror Con: Calgary, Canada

June 25-26, 2022

This is my first horror convention in Canada, and it looks like it’s going to be the party of the century! I’m so excited to appear alongside such incredible actors! What a star-studded line-up!

Here was our amazing team, for this challenging shoot! They made me DANCE at MIDNIGHT in the rain! God bless the fans, who were camping, and stayed up all night to dance in mud puddles, wearing their rain gear! I love my most hard-core fans and I want to be there for YOU, too, this summer!

My pals, Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy, filmed their first on-location special at the Mahoning Drive In in Pennsylvania last year, and featured Night of the Demons, 1, as their kick-off! I can’t wait to see them again! Ride a moose on up, and let’s have a summer party in Canada!

What an honor it is to be captured forever so close to my fan’s heart!
Sometimes a tattoo artist is on the scene at a convention and I can actually sign an arm and Shazam! Within minutes, my signature becomes part of someone’s body!

Amelia treasures her gay and trans following and is thrilled to have the trust and love of her drag community, as well as having fans dress as her, dress their children as her, and even dress their dogs as her!

Amelia is living proof that our “wild side” wields great power and we can use the “powers of the night” to create beauty in the light of day! Now all her wildness is devoted to saving wild animals and preserving their habitats for future generations.  Shortly after her starring role in Night of the Demons Part 1, Amelia discovered her astonishing abilities in being able to enter not only the minds of the wild characters she plays in the movies, but also the minds of wild animals.

Every little kitty loves a spot of milk!

…and your little “wild ones” at home, too! 

She went on to create history in the publishing world as well–first by making the controversial world of animal communication main-stream with her books and popular seminars, then by publishing three books on Amazon in one day!  Amelia is the author of the international bestseller, Straight From the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get AnswersThe Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals (RandomHouse and New World Library), Soulmates with Paws, Hooves, and Wings, Aurora’s Secret, and The Winged One (Amazon.)

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“Where are you going? The party’s just begun!” —Angela