Amelia’s Store ~ 2022

WELCOME TO MY NEW STORE! There are many reasonably priced audio lessons starting at $9 here that will be sent as links to your computer, as well as an on-camera package of 4 videos. Some of these meditations are also available in German and Spanish. The Devotional Program is the most in-depth method of studying with me online at your own leisure, but if you’d like to participate in a live webinar with animal lovers all over the world, the listing for my new webinar MOTHER MARY MEETS MOTHER EARTH begins on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022 and Monday March 1. 2022. If you’re interested in this fascinating new way of learning how to communicate with animals, please visit the ONLINE TRAINING tab on this site. The course is also listed here at the bottom of this page, under the Devotional Program and all the other beautiful meditations for sale here. Bless you and your furry loved ones!


Amelia Kinkade Language of MIracles Store Amelia Kinkade Four Video Package 
(video – total running time: 78 mins.)
With this specially priced four-video package set you will receive:
Part 1: A Meditation With Cats
Part 2: Conversation With Your Cat
Teach Your Children to Talk to Cats
Permission to Pet
Read the descriptions below for full details on each video.
Delivered In Two Video Formats: .mp4 (best for Macs) and .wmv (best for Windows PCs)
$30.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store How to Listen to Your Dog
(MP3 Audio – 29 mins.)
Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking when he looked up at you with shining eyes? Learn to determine what your dog really thinks, feels, needs, wants, loves, misses, or craves. Through this life-changing meditation and audio instruction, you will be able to connect to your dog and comprehend him on a level you never before thought possible. Learn non-verbal communication with your dog and all dogs everywhere, and experience the miracle of a new world… through a dog’s eyes.
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store How to Listen to Your Cat  
(MP3 Audio – 25 mins.)
Have you always wanted the magical ability to know what your cat wants, needs, feels, or suffers and even perhaps catch a problem before it becomes a painful ordeal? Could experience on earth be more magical than learning to perceive the world, or even the galaxy, from a cat’s point of view? If you have always wondered how to enter the sacred realm inside your cat’s mind, here’s your chance. In this first of it’s kind audio instruction, Amelia will teach you how to access your own “still-point,” to establish resonance and learn to discover what your cat really experiences. If your goal in life is to chat with your cat, here’s your chance. Amelia has created this breath-taking meditation and how-to exercise in order to help you connect with God’s masterpieces…the felines.
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store How to Talk to Your Horse
The Body Scan Part 1  
(MP3 Audio – 20 mins.)
Do you love your horse more than any creature on earth? Do you admire their majesty but want to discovery the mystery of what is really going on inside their minds? In this invaluable training, Amelia will teach you how to connect with the heart and mind of your horse, to discover what they long for, who they miss, how to make them healthier and happier and how to make their performance soar. In this singularly unique recording, Amelia will share some of her secrets about connecting with horses and learning to love them so completely, you can actually resonate on their frequency to determine what they really think, feel, want, and need.
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store How to Talk to Your Horse
The Body Scan – Part 2  
(MP3 Audio – 22 mins.)
Have you ever wished you could discover if your animal is in pain? You can. In this first-of-it’s-kind meditation, Amelia will guide you through every inch of your animal’s body and encourage you to explore Medical Gestalt where you will learn to use your own body as an instrument to determine if your animal is ailing or in pain. The focus of this Body Scan is horses, but these same techniques apply to any species of animal you would like to heal and help. Learn to use your own body as a healing instrument so you can ascertain the sensations inside the bodies of other living beings. A priceless tool to learn to use with dexterity before any crisis arises with the horse you love.
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store How to Locate a Missing Animal 
(MP3 Audio – 24 mins.)
Could anything be more terrifying and tragic than to have your beloved animal disappear? Never is it more necessary to learn how to remain calm and rational than when you are called upon to try to locate a missing animal. Move beyond your panic and negative emotions while Amelia teaches you the priceless skill of “Tracking.” Learn how to determine what a missing animal sees, feels, experiences, and even learn to guide the animal’s guardians to him if he is lost, injured or trapped, or to guide him home to the people who love him.
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store How to Connect to a Photo & Heaven 
(MP3 Audio – 24 mins.)
Is your heart still aching from the loss of one of your precious animals? Could anything be more precious to you than the ability to connect with them in Heaven? In this lovely audio instruction, Amelia offers the most priceless of all gifts, the assurance of eternal life, and the knowledge that all animals everywhere DO go to Heaven. This revolutionary audio instruction allows you to learn to “read” an animal using nothing but a photograph, and access the quantum records of that animal no matter where it is in the world, or even if it has sailed through the gates of Heaven. Surprise yourself with new discoveries as you practice the Language of Miracles everyday in the privacy of your own home.
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store
How to Pray for Your Pet & Daily Affirmations 
(MP3 Audio – 14 mins.)
All over the world Amelia is asked to publish her morning affirmations, and after ten years of sharing these prayers only in person, Amelia has recorded these uplifting ideas so that you can practice reconnecting to you own Divine Source everyday. At long last, these magnificent inspiring affirmations are available in a beautiful meditation. This first-of-its-kind download also explains how to Pray for Your Pet, and become a pillar of healing power so that your animal is comforted by your positive encouragement no matter what they are encountering in their lives. This is a must-have gift you give your self to learn how to connect to the peace, power, and wellspring of confidence within you, so that the energy you offer your animals is pure, loving, and confident.
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store If Animals Could Talk (part 1) 
(Video – 12 mins. 31 secs.)
Amelia Kinkade’s twelve years of teaching all over the world culminate here in her first ever on-camera workshop in English. This fun and informative look at Animal Communication offers the nuts and bolts of interspecies communication, be it with Becall, the bird featured in this video, or the dogs, cats, horses, or any other animals you have at home. For the first time ever, Amelia records her most sought after meditation which is not published in any of her books – an exercise which grounds you in an anchor of light within your spinal column connecting you with the center of the earth and the magical flowing energies of the Universe. In this idyllic setting in a church in Vermont, she shares her prayers for the planet and all its inhabitants, and enlightens you to new ways of seeing, feeling, and becoming connected to your own inner truth that is One with all beings everywhere. For the first time ever on film, Amelia sets the stage for the spiritual and emotional states of awareness – the oasis of peace and power within you, coupled with the awe and excitement of being in love with all animals everywhere – that are the basis of her teaching and the very premise of her work. These prayers and meditations can be used daily as a way to silence your mind and emotions to allow something or someone more beautiful to enter in. Laugh, cry, praise, and enjoy.

Delivered In Two Video Formats:
.mp4 (best for Macs) and
.wmv (best for Windows PCs)
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store If Animals Could Talk (part 2) 
(Video – 31 mins. 10 secs.)
This is a lively look at Animal Communication explained in detail in a workshop setting where Amelia demonstrates the practical application of her communication techniques. The stars of the show are a bird, the man who loves her who is now an animal deacon in his church, and a celebrated horse whisperer named Brian Reid who attended Amelia’s seminar with his famous horse (featured in a future film) and Lucy, the Yorkie who rides on the horse’s back. (Lucy makes a few guest appearances by accident in this film.) Here you will see Amelia teaching fresh, bright, loving, intelligent students who are encountering Animal Communication for the first time, and you will learn how to ask questions of animals and get answers. All of these techniques can be applied to your animals at home. Relish this seminar and practice with the animals who love you. Your animals at home will thank-you, and your world will never be the same again.

Delivered In Two Video Formats:
.mp4 (best for Macs) and
.wmv (best for Windows PCs)
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store
“If Animals Could Talk”
Bonus Set (parts 1 & 2 plus bonus MP3)
(Video part 1 – 12 mins. 31 secs. / Video part 2 – 31 mins. 10 secs. / MP3 – 14 mins.)
This bonus set is a package that inclues both Part 1 and Part 2 of Amelia’s “If Animals Could Talk” videos plus a FREE bonus download of Amelia’s “How to Pray for Your Pet & Daily Affirmations” MP3. See each individual product for full descriptions.
Videos are delivered In two formats:
.mp4 (best for Macs) and
.wmv (best for Windows PCs)
Audio is .mp3 format

$25.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Mircles Store Part 1: A Meditation With Cats 
(video – running time: 33.5 mins.)
Do you love your cat with all your heart? Do you wish there was some way to communicate with him in order to make him more happy and content? There is! For the first time, Amelia has recorded the morning meditation she’s taught around the world for the last decade, and now you can experience this healing magic is your very own home. This video includes a revolutionary conversation about the the consciousness of Nature’s most mysterious and dazzling masterpiece—the feline! And it’s told for the first time by a human being who can actually talk to cats! Amelia reveals a new way to find a peaceful ocean of interconnectivity inside you that will enable you to access your inner “stillpoint” and use this divine listening device in order to discover what your cat REALLY wants, feels, needs, dreams about, and feels inside her body. This meditation is a spiritual preparation for opening your heart and silencing your mind so that you may actually have a conversation with your cat and receive new impressions from the cats you love. This blissful meditation can also be practiced on it’s own to help you alleviate the stresses of modern life and find an oasis of peace inside you that can bring you back into harmony with Nature, all her animals, and even the Universe. Give yourself the greatest gift—the opportunity to CHAT with your CAT!
Delivered In Two Video Formats:
.mp4 (best for Macs) and
.wmv (best for Windows PCs)
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Langauge of Miracles Store Part 2: Conversation With Your Cat 
(video – running time: 25.5 mins.)
Amelia Kinkade’s mission is to show that everyone can heighten their sensitivity with the proper dedication, training, and understanding. In A Conversation with Your Cat, Amelia sets out to demonstrate the mechanics of how these processes work so that you can learn to have a two-way conversation with the cats if your life. Her end goal is to reveal to those who haven’t discovered it yet the dazzlingly deep and powerful emotional world of animals. She believes a cat’s emotional scope is vast in terms of their wisdom, humor, spontaneity, loyalty, ferocity, grace, and unprecedented powers of forgiveness, but also that cats are privy to transcendental states of consciousness and miraculous realms of deep healing not accessible to most humans….until now! If you learn to listen to your cat and actually see their point of view, they may be able to help you access states of Grace and healing that no one else can teach you.
In this first-of-its-kind on camera instruction, Kinkade shows, in carefully constructed guided exercises, how her viewers can explore these cues for themselves. With gentle encouragement, she will share the secrets that have inspired thousands of people she has taught throughout the world. A Conversation with Your Cat will inspire you to sit down with the cats in your life and explore the unspoken world between you. Learn from, love, and listen to your cats, and enter a magical new world where cats can actually “talk!”
Delivered In Two Video Formats:
.mp4 (best for Macs) and
.wmv (best for Windows PCs)
$17.00 USD

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store Two Video Set
Teach Your Children to Talk to Cats
and Permission to Pet 

Part 1: Teach Your Children to Talk to Cats
(video – total running time: 18.5 mins.)
Do you believe children can innately communicate with animals more readily than adults? Have you noticed that the children you love seem to have an emotional connection or intuitive understanding with animals that most adults have “outgrown?” Or would you just like to teach your children how to be more considerate, gentle, and compassionate with animals? This delightful video spotlights two lovely British sisters as they learn to communicate with a friend’s cat. Amelia created this short how-to instruction so that the purity and clarity of these two little girls could be shared with children all over the world to help spark their interest in learning to to hear cats “talk.”

Part 2: Permission to Pet
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your children could never get scratched by a cat? In Permission to Pet, Amelia teaches the proper calming signals so that children can approach cats and convey the right messages so that the cats can be docile, friendly, affectionate, and open to human touch. Amelia introduces a series of very simple actions that cats display and mirror when they greet each other. These calming signals are physical cues that every child can master, so that both humans and adults can discover that even the most skittish cat responds to tenderness, patience, and polite cat “etiquette.” This video is a MUST for every parent who has a child who lives with a cat! And it’s a gift to every cat who lives with a child!
Delivered In Two Video Formats:
.mp4 (best for Macs) and
.wmv (best for Windows PCs)
$17.00 USD

Amelia’s Magic: Meditations – Part 1 (MP3 Audio – 22 mins.)

$9.00 USD

“Shedding the Cloak of Negativity” is a quick simple meditation that allows you to free yourself of old negative emotions and patterns that weigh you down and keep you from enjoying higher states of consciousness where you can grow spiritually and enjoy more peace and joy in your life.

“Contacting your Spirit Guide” is a beautiful source of guided imagery that takes you on a magical journey into a deeper part of yourself where you may find help waiting for you right around the corner that can actually help you learn to send and receive information from your animals. This hypnotic meditation will lead you into a deep restful trance, and it is actually Amelia’s favorite.


“The Child You Were, Recapturing the Magic” lures you into a state of blissful self[hypnosis that can put you back in touch with the sense of awe and innocence you had as a child. This state of joyous wonder is the heart space that allows you to communicate with animals and actually get answers. This meditation is designed to put you back in touch with Nature and the world around you by putting you back in touch with the child you were who was fully intuitive and alive before you were compromised by limiting beliefs that stunted your intuitive growth.

Amelia’s Magic: Meditations – Part 2 (MP3 Audio – 37 mins.)

$9.00 USD

“Cleaning Out the Attic: Inside the Heart”
This unique healing meditation may help you define and confront the forces of resistance inside you that prevent you from achieving your highest potential and moving forward with your intuitive abilities and sacred connection to the animal kingdom. Amelia considers this guided meditation to be one of the most healing and revealing tools she’s ever channeled. It’s a real eye-opener and can be the catalyst for profound release.

“Body Clearing”
This is a relaxing exploration of the physical sensations inside your own body that allows you to become more in touch with what you’re feeling both physically and emotionally so that you can log your own sensations before you attempt to Body Scan an animal. This download is an essential tool to be used as a touch-stone in becoming more grounded and centered so that you can cooperate more harmoniously with your own body and acquaint yourself with your own gentle ability to scan a living being—even if that living being is you!


“Body Scan”
In this methodical guided meditation you can move your consciousness through every inch of your animal’s body, visualizing what it would feel like to have your own awareness superimposed on the body of the animal you’re scanning. This instruction is a thorough exploration of the structure and internal organs of your animal and even allows you to ask hypothetical questions that apply to time as well as space. Use this as a tool to help comprehend the physical sensations of the animals you love and alleviate their suffering if they are in pain. This is an invaluable form of Gestalt that you can practice with your animals at home and measure your progress by having your intuitive impressions verified or dismissed by a qualified veterinarian.

Amelia’s Magic: Meditations – Parts 1 & 2 (MP3 Audio – 59 mins.)

$17.00 USD

Amelia’s Meditations En español

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store
Aprenda a Hablar con Los Animales con Amelia Kinkade! (MP3 Audio – 44.5 mins.)
Técnicas de Comunicación Interespecie (Audio MP3 – 32:18min)
Me Mantengo Centrado en el Amor (Audio MP3 – 3:38 min)
Afirmación Matutina (Audio MP3 – 5:54 min.)
Como Rezar por tu Mascota (Audio MP3 – 3:33 min)
$15.00 USD

Amelia’s Meditations Auf deutsch

Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles StoreAmelia Kinkade Languge of Miracles StoreAmelia Kinkade Languge of Miracles Store
Amelia’s Meditationen – Teil 1 & Teil 2 (MP3 Audio – 69 mins.)
Meditationen – Teil 1:
“Den Deckmantel der Negativität abwerfen“ ist eine einfache schnelle Meditation, die Dir helfen wird, Dich von alten negativen Emotionen zu befreien und Mustern, die Dich runterziehen und Dich davon abhalten höhere Stadien des Bewusstseins zu erreichen, die es Dir ermöglichen spirituell zu wachsen und Frieden und Freude in Deinem Leben besser zu genießen.
“Kontakt mit dem Geistführer aufnehmen“ ist eine wunderschöne bildliche Darstellung, die Dich auf eine magische Reise in Dein tiefstes Ich entführt. Dort findest Du Hilfe, die nur um die Ecke auf Dich wartet und die Dir beibringen kann wie man Informationen an Tiere schickt und empfängt. Diese hypnotisierende Meditation wird Dich in eine tiefe entspannende Trance versetzen und ist Amelias beliebteste Meditation.
“Meditation zur Wiederentdeckung des Zaubers, das Kind, das Du warst“ lockt Dich in ein Stadium glückseliger Selbsthypnose, das Dich zurück führt zu der Ehrfurcht und Unschuld, die Du als Kind empfunden hast. Dieses Stadium der freudigen Verwunderung ist der Platz im Herzen, der es Dir erlaubt mit Tieren zu kommunizieren und Antworten zu erhalten. Diese Meditation ist darauf ausgelegt, Dich zurück zur Natur zu bringen und Dich wieder mit der Welt um Dich herum zu verbinden, indem es Dich mit dem Kind verbindet, das Du einst warst, das intuitiv und lebendig war, bevor Du beeinträchtigt wurdest von einengenden Gedanken, die Dein intuitives Wachstum verhindert haben.
Meditationen – Teil 2:
Von überall auf der Welt erhält Amelia Anfragen mit der Bitte ihre Methoden der Forschung auf dem Gebiet der Gestaltpsychologie aufzuzeichnen. Diese innovative Arbeit ist die am nachgefragteste audio Anleitung, die sie jemals mit der Welt hat teilen können. Es ist endlich so weit! Hier ist Deine Chance zu erlernen zu fühlen, was Dein Tier physisch empfindet.
“Im Inneren des Herzens den Dachboden ausmisten“
Diese einzigartige Heilungsmeditation wird Dir helfen, die Mächte in Deinem Inneren zu definieren und zu konfrontieren, die Dich zurückhalten Dein höchstes Potential zu erreichen. Entdecke Deine intuitiven Fähigkeiten in der geistlichen Verbindung zum Königreich der Tiere. (I changed the whole sentence around, cut a few words) Für Amelia ist diese begleitete Meditation eine der heilsamsten und aufschlussreichsten Methoden, die sie jemals erfahren hat. Es ist ein echter Augenöffner und kann ein Auslöser für eine tiefgründige Befreiung sein.
„Einführung zum Körper-Scan”
Dies ist eine entspannende Erforschung Deiner physischen Wahrnehmung des eigenen Körpers, die es Dir erlaubt, Verbindung zu dem aufzunehmen, was Du physisch und emotional fühlst, so dass Du Deine eigene Wahrnehmung protokollierst, bevor Du versuchst ein Tier zu durchschauen. Dieser Download ein wichtiges Hilfsmittel im Prozess sich selbst zu erden und zu zentrieren, um harmonischer mit dem eigenen Körper zu kooperieren und sich selbst mit der eigenen sanften Fähigkeit vertraut zu machen ein anderes Lebewesen zu durchschauen – auch wenn dieses Lebewesen Du selbst bist!
„Der Körper-scan – Kontakt mit dem Geistführer aufnehmen“
In dieser begleiteten Meditation kannst Du Dein Bewusstsein durch jeden Zentimeter des Körpers Deines Tieres führen, indem Du visualisierst wie es sich anfühlen würde, wenn Dein eigenes Bewusstsein den Körper des Tieres überlagert, was Du versuchst zu scannen. Diese Übung ist eine eingehende Erforschung der Struktur und inneren Organe Deines Tieres, und erlaubt Dir sogar hypothetische Fragen zu stellen, die sowohl Zeit und Raum umfassen. Nutze dies als ein Werkzeug um die physische Wahrnehmung des Tieres, das Du liebst zu verstehen und sein Leid zu lindern, falls es Schmerzen hat. Dies ist eine unschätzbar wichtige Form von Gestaltpsychologie, die Du zu Hause mit Deinen Tieren praktizieren kannst. Kontrolliere Deine Fortschritte, indem Du Deine intuitiven Eindrücke von einem Tierarzt bestätigen oder verwerfen lässt.
$17.00 USD
Amelia Kinkade Language of Miracles Store

 I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for so long!  I’m building the new site and sending the newsletters for the first time, but I’m still trying to work all the bugs out.  Please let me know if you got this.  I’m pasting the new webinar ad in the body of this email so you can get right to it.  The Paypal link is a new way of paying, so please give it a try if you want to sign up and let me know that it worked properly.

I’ll try to send the newsletter later today with the help of my webmaster, but if we can’t get through the buggy issues, I want to make sure I emailed you directly to say you are important to me and miss you!  Please let me know how you are!

Love, tail-wags, and purrs,



Welcome to my new site! I’ve missed you! If you’ve been waiting for me to consolidate The Language of Miracles Online Academy onto this site and resume teaching online, welcome to my new world!

In 2022, the focus of my webinars is THE FEMALE FACE OF GOD. I’m honoring the year of the TIGER in all her multidimensional glory and complexity. The Buddhists call her Quan Yin, the female face of Buddha and the Goddess of the Animals.  The ancient Egyptians called her Isis and before that:  Sekhmet, the Lion Headed Goddess.  In the realm of Archangels, the angel of the animals is named Chamuel.  

When Chamuel came to me in a dream to introduce herself, she actually said, “My name is Chamuzaphel. The humans got my name wrong.”

And let’s not forget Durga, the Hindu destroyer goddess who actually rides around on the back of a tiger! 

(I am not a destroyer Goddess, but I play one in the movies!)

How did it happen that the spiritual beliefs in so many countries somehow came to be totally disconnected with our love for animals and the planet? No matter your religion or belief systems, our spiritual goal is attaining the “Christ Consciousness,” not just as a deity that some of us worship outside of us, but as a budding state of cosmic consciousness–a ray of sunlight, of starlight, of Godlight–wanting to shine from within us. 

didplay images

The lion may be the king of the jungle and I love them with all my heart, and I work with the Lion of Judah, the King of Kings, but the tigers are the royalty of the Universe, and the Tigress is the Queen of Queens. Is there a spiritual constant deep within you that is so strong, so invincible it can’t be beat down, dumbed down, shut down, shut up, shamed, shelved, or corrupted? How do we tap this Universal Power inside us? And not only find it, but learn to mother it?

Does your Inner Tigress need a bottle of milk?

If we can learn to honor and channel the Mother of All Creation, we can turn the world “Christ” into an adjective: “The Christed Female:  The Christess.” Or for my Ark Angels and myself: The Tigress Christess.  Can we find the lost puzzle pieces and put the larger puzzle back together so that the Goddess/Mother Nature loving philosophies are NOT disconnected to the patriarchal religions who seemingly threw Mother Nature under the bus? (And kicked the women and the animals to the curb!) Most of you know I’ve defended and more importantly translated for tigers all over the world. 

My opening chapter in my latest book, Whispers From the Wild, tells beautiful and bittersweet stories about tigers I’ve loved and tried to defend in Thailand and in many other countries.

Few animals have been more tortured and degraded at the hands of men, hunted out of fear, and murdered to the brink of extinction to make “Tiger Medicine,” disgusting nonsense hyped to empower their human enemies. I’ve got my own brand of “Tiger Medicine,” and it comes from a connection to Tiger Soul, a majesty that can not be challenged, a power that can not be compromised, a nobility born of eternal beauty, and yes, lightning velocity and strength that puts fear in the hearts of men.

This is what you are. You are that beauty. You are full of magic. This Holy Mother created you and she hid all her magic where no one would ever look. She hid it inside you. Can you look into her eyes and see your own reflection twinkling back at you?

Let’s go back to the core of creation where all beauty, grace, harmony, and reverence for life were born. I can teach you to enter Mother Nature’s Mind, the very soul and essence of God, where the Creator/Creatress of all the animals knows exactly what every one of her children is thinking and feeling.  The furry face of God, the feathery face of God, the scaly face of God—She’s created them all.  

Lets unplug from the horror the humans are creating, and align ourselves with the only source of comfort on this planet:  Love.

Love makes Animal Communication possible.  If your ego is present the magic doesn’t work.  “You” do nothing.  The Spirit of God in you listens to the Spirit of God in them.  How do you tap into the Spirit of God in YOU?  How can Sehkmet be the Goddess of love AND war? 

Because she ferociously protects her children.  Four-legged, no-legged, hooved, finned, winged, slithery, sassy, waggy, slobbery, sporting whiskers or antennae.  Yes, there is the enveloping hug of gentleness and passive and tranquility.  But that’s not my only M. O. 

My safari is Zambia is ON this year, and if you’re interested in meeting baby Khumba who is now the size of a rhino, consider adding a safari at Tiger Canyon in South Africa.

In the coming years, women and the children will step forward to help save this planet.  But we need to come out of the shadows, overcome our fear, and assert our ferocious protective authority.  Mother Nature ain’t no push-over.  She’s fierce.  I can beam love like nobody’s business, but when necessary, animal exploiters can see the truth in my eyes, “Touch that Tiger and I’ll kill you.” I’ve said it, and I’ve meant it. And I’ve saved tigers lives.  Good mothers are not passive.  Good mothers can be ferocious.  Mother Nature is. Perhaps we humans should stop testing her patience?    Let’s not put our focus on being evacuated from this planet to find peace in “Heaven.”  Let’s dive deeper into this Earth to champion her and her animals when they need us most. 

Will you join me in a webinar to learn how to access higher dimensions that allow you to learn what animals are really thinking and feeling?  Join me in a global webinar that will connect you to all my other Ark Angels, animal lovers and spiritual seekers from all over the globe.  By connecting with the Soul of God/Goddess and her animals, we can comfort them and feed our own souls in the process.

Men are also very welcome in this webinar, so they can experience a cradle of comfort.  Students will swap photos of their animals, and I will post photos of a new animal every week to be “read” by the entire group. Such dazzling break-throughs happen in these webinars, I’m SO EXCITED to begin again this and bring my group of Ark Angels back together!

Leonardo, Sacred White Burman, in Wales kisses the screen!

This webinar will include learning:

how to solve behavior problems, 

identify physical problems and relationship problems with your animals at home, comfort their PTS and anxiety, 

connect to animals and human spirits in Heaven, 

Practice the Body Scan to feel your way through bodies, 

Clairaudience: hone your intuition to hear information in words,

Clairsentience: reading emotions and learning how to determine if a problem is physical or emotional,

Starlight Vision: channeling animal and human spirits in Heaven,

Osmosis Illness: realize how our own psychological patterns, history, and stress impact the mental and physical state of our animals, 

and learn to heal OURSELVES so that the animals can live WITH US in homes filled with harmony, laughter, joy, play, comfort, and hope!

Sound good?  New and returning students are welcome.  It’s an ongoing process of learning, for me also, because who could guide us through these troubling times better than creatures with paws, hooves, and wings?

Join me in creating a new world full of JOY.  In my recent poll, the requests for Tuesdays and Sundays were evenly split, so I’m offering TWO webinars a week to accommodate your schedule.  Sundays sessions will be held one hour later than Tuesday sessions.  Mark your calendar!

I’m offering new exclusive packages for private lessons, coaching, and even writing lessons ONLY for you Ark Angels enrolled in this exciting new webinar!  Webinars take place at lunchtime in the US, evening in Europe, South Africa, and Australia.  If you miss one session, you are invited to join the other day of the week.

What could be more fun than to “talk” to animals all over the world?


February 27, 2022: 12 p.m. PST

March 6, 2022:  12 p.m. PST

March 13, 2022:  12 p.m. PST

March 20, 2022:  12 p.m. PST

March 27, 2022 Mother’s Day:  12 p.m. PST

April 3, 2022:  12 p.m. PST

April 10, 2022:  12 p.m. PST

April 17, 2022 Easter Sunday: 12 p.m. PST


March 1, 2022:  11 a.m. PST

March 8, 2022:  11 a.m. PST

March 15, 2022:  11 a.m. PST

March 22, 2022:  11 a.m. PST

March 29, 2022: 11 a.m. PST

April 5, 2022: 11 a.m. PST

April 12, 2022: 11 a.m. PST

April 19, 2022: 11 a.m. PST

Technology marches on. Just wait until you see Paypal’s new feature to make safe payments from your PayPal account, or using a credit card. The price of the 8 weeks series in $375.00 US which will give you access to all SIXTEEN webinars for the price of EIGHT! The content each week will repeat so that if you miss one date, you can attend the other date. Private lessons and coaching will be offered exclusively to YOU Ark Angels at $100 discount off my session price of $300. 

Access to all webinars: $375

One private lesson and access to ALL webinars: $575.00

Private coaching and/or writing coaching:

Package of 5 private sessions for students of this webinar only: $875

Ark Angel Rainbow Package: Access to all 16 webinars and 5 private coaching sessions: $1275

Click on this link, and type in the amount. Please write a note specifying what webinar date you’ve chosen, Sundays or Tuesdays:

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