November 10-17, 2023


Ready to take a walk on the wild side?

Ready to reconnect and celebrate the MOTHER OF ALL CREATION and learn to hear her magnificent creations “speak?” Delve deep into beautiful soul energy and discover your intuitive abilities in this safari in Zambia, the womb of the human race and the very soul of Mother Earth:

Sacred Soul Safari for African Animal Communication 

With Amelia Kinkade

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, Africa

November 10-14, 2023: Mfuwe Lodge

November 14-17, 2023: Crocodile Valley

We’re checking in for The Whisper With the Wild Safari! Would someone please help carry our TRUNKS?” 

Elephants parading through the lobby of your hotel? Now, that’s a BIG surprise! That kind of magic is normal for me in Africa, but even that miracle is just the beginning!

I invite you to Mfuwe Lodge where Queen Wonkeytusks became famous for walking through the lobby with her family to munch on her favorite mango tree every November.  This year, Wonkey’s family–my most beloved elephant friends–may very well join us for an early Thanksgiving celebration in THEIR dining room!  This is one of the most miraculous spectacles on earth and has completely changed how humans view elephant behavior. We will be doing everything in our power to invite the precious pachyderms to an early Thanksgiving party in their honor.

  Just watch how magical this elephant is!


Unfortunately Wonkeytusks has passed away, and so has her daughter, Naughtytusks, who was my favorite elephant and the star of the Good Vibrations chapter in Whispers From the Wild: Listening to Voices from the Animal Kingdom which was published by New World Library on October 11, 2016. But these matriarchs taught their offspring to find and greet me every year I visit their home.

There are no elephant orphanages. If a baby loses his mother, all the females in the herd step in to adopt and raise the orphan.

Naughty’s family and Wonkey’s kin are the elephants that meet at “Tent Number 5” every year in South Luangwa…and push their babies very near my lap so I could admire them. These miracles came after the pursuit of my life-long dream.  From the moment I first saw Naughty’s mom, Queen Wonkeytusks, on the cover of National Geographic standing in the lobby of Mfuwe Lodge, it became my goal to fly to Africa to watch her famous family stroll through the lobby.  Maybe it is for you, too. Isn’t it time to make our most cherished dreams come true? Let’s see how up-close-and-personal my big-nosed surrogate family will get when I introduce them to my human friends…you!

Whispers from the Wild was written while I holed up in my favorite tent camp for a month on the banks of the South Luangwa river, so this year, I’m also taking you to my secret hide-away, my favorite watering hole on Earth, Croc Valley, where you can meet the workers from all the safari parks as they gather around bar and the fire to swap stories overnight. This rustic experience in spacious luxury tents will allow you some rest between two your holiday in two incredibly opulent safari lodges. 2023 is the first year I’m offered visits to three safari lodges, instead of two, so that you can enjoy a variety of accommodations and lively experiences.

Please be aware that this incredibly exclusive safari only can take EIGHT guests so that you can share the same truck with me, but these safaris are now OPEN to private charters if you would like to schedule a safari of your own with me at a different time of the year. Ready to roar back to life and learn to “whisper” with wild animals? 

“Who says I ‘whisper?'”
“Ginger,” my favorite lion, has come to meet my safaris six years in a row!
  • Have you ever wondered what a lion was thinking as he looked at you with glowing eyes?
  • Do leopards fall in love?
  • How do hippos feel about each other?
  • Can warthogs joke with their friends?
  • Do giraffes have emotions and complicated relationships?
  • Do elephants miss their mothers, their mates, or grieve the loss of their children? If elephants never forget, what do they think about all day?
  • Can these majestic wild animals think, reason, laugh, love, and grieve?


I know. I can “hear” them, and I can teach you to discover what exotic animals really think, want, need, and feel, too. Come learn to whisper with the wild animal kingdom and learn Interspecies Communication transformational safari. Here with this African paradise around you, I will guide you to find the paradise within you, the “still point” where your own divine intuition can commune with the hearts, bodies, minds and souls of other living beings…even the world’s wildest animals!

Not only will you be up close and personal with the Big 5, I will share with you The Language of Miracles, a very effective process of nonverbal communication which will help you call, connect, and converse with animals on a level you never before dreamed possible!

Do these rare radiant animals know they are endangered? Do they want to talk to human beings and offer us advice about ourselves, our behavior, and our future together? Do they hold the secrets of creating a harmonious world where the Garden of Eden can be restored on earth?

Come ask them! In this very exclusive seven night intensive, I’ll privately coach the smallest group I mentor anywhere in the world, so apply early to secure your place in this astonishing opportunity of a lifetime!

Come offer your undying love to the endangered animals of this planet and return to the cradle of human civilization in central Africa, which was once the starting point of the human race. Return to the Motherland to rebuild your life and set new goals–with the other animals on this planet front-and-center as your spiritual guides and teachers. Let’s devote our energy into the restoration of sacred harmony between humans and all other living beings, by first finding peace and harmony within ourselves. Meet and praise Mother Nature’s masterpieces: the wild animals of Africa!

Join me on breath-taking daily game-drives in this resplendent paradise where every glorious vista of unspoiled wilderness is teaming with an array of species living together in perfect harmony.

On this private tour, you’ll be alone with me and only a few other students from around the world in your very own truck alongside a wise loving local guide. In the first ever humane photo safari lead by a globally recognized psychic, I’ll draw the animals near in order to teach you how to talk to them and actually hear them “speak.” I’ll help you ignite your own intuition so that you can hear your true teachers: the animals. Even lions and leopards will show you that when they are approached with adoration, silent awe, respect, reverence, and tenderness, telepathic ability can be not just a God-given gift, but a learned skill available to all of us.

Learn The Language of Miracles!

Distill and develop your intuitive abilities as I reveal the secrets of:

  • Clairvoyance: (Clear-seeing) The ability to exchange mental pictures & even “film-clips” (moving sequences of events) to & from the mind of your animal friends.
  • Clairsentience: (Clear-feeling) The ability to send and receive emotion to and from your animal friends.  
  • Photo Talk: (Remote viewing) How to connect to your animals at home using nothing but a photograph.

 NOTE: All participants will be invited to bring a photograph of their beloved animals from home to practice ‘reading’ with other participants. Amelia will also teach you how to contact animals in Heaven, showing how to bridge Heaven and Earth.

The love of my life, Mr. Jones, was barely mentioned in my first book, Straight From the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers (New World Library,) aside from one crazy story and my calling him, “the sunlight in my Universe.” ‘Guess I let the cat out of the bag, because I started getting emails from all over the world from readers sharing pictures saying, “This dog is my Mr. Jones.” “My horse is my Mr. Jones,” or sadly, “My Mr. Jones is dying,” or “I just lost my Mr. Jones.” The words “Mr. Jones” have become a synonym for the love that transcends all space and time. Can you see how the personality of an animal can blast into your heart even from nothing but a picture?
What’s the crazy story? The one I wanted to cut from Straight From the Horse’s Mouth! My then-editor, the head of Crown Books, told me, “If you cut that story, I’m going to fly to Los Angeles, show up on your doorstep with a gun, and shoot you in the head!” She was right. Hint: one day he frantically sent me a terrifying psychic SOS to alert me THIEVES ROBBING the house! I made a U on the freeway, crept up to my front door with a can of pepper spray in my trembling hand, and opened the door to find the robbery still in progress! Who were the “criminals” emptying his dish and carrying his dry food overhead? Read about Mr. Jones and his ANTS in both these books. Soulmates also gives you the whole story of my love affair with my Master teacher, which is wilder than any of the wildest animals I’ve ever met.

My safaris will provide you with the photo opportunities of a lifetime.

I caught this pic when this proud new mom brought her calf to meet my trunk.  The little one retreated into the safety of her mother’s four-legged fortress.  In the wild, the only true danger for baby elephants is crocodiles but when they get older…man.  I was flattered that this new mom trusted me so much with her newborn.  I didn’t have to “zoom” much.  They were only a few feet away.

Night safaris are especially thrilling.  Look at this amazing picture I caught of two of my favorite lions who were enjoying a romantic evening out…right in front of our truck! 

But morning safaris never disappoint!  Just look at how many “wild dogs” played and romped around our truck!  What a rare treat this was to even get a glimpse of these elusive animals!

Here Josephat took us to the resting place of his ancestors and introduced us to his “Grandma.” (There was a LOT of laughter on this safari!)

Please watch this video made by one of my beloved students, Beth Hawkins, who came on the safari with me in 2015.  If you love and want to protect elephants, grab some tissue, because if their beauty and majesty doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you won’t get to learn to “hear” them.  That faculty is only opened by a sense of reverence, awe, grace, and undying love.  Do you love them the way I do?


This will be a bittersweet adventure, because my biggest loss to Covid was a devastating shock.  I got the heart-breaking news that Josephat joined the angels, leaving ten children behind who need our support.  Josephat’s stories, humor, and wisdom are immortalized in my book, Whispers From the Wild: Listening to Voices From the Animal Kingdom (New World Library,) and his memory will remain forever in our hearts.

We’ll have a very big guardian angel guiding us from Heaven every step of the way.
Loved my every adventurer whose life he touched, Josephat will be remembered forever.
Just look how close Josephat let us get to the giraffes!

Mfuwe Lodge is home to the most astonishing spa I’ve ever seen. You will be eye-level with a party of hippos who loll in their lagoon while you luxuriate in a six-star open-air spa to receive a massage or treatment.  From the lap of luxury, to the depths of poverty, you’ll discover that what the western world considers “riches” can’t buy the treasure you’ll find in African children’s eyes, their smiles, their songs, and the contagious dances they’ll teach you! We will visit at least one school so that you can meet the children I love so much or we will go to the Reformed Church where you will hear the most celestial choir must as we continue our Thanksgiving celebration with praise and song. Am I singing your tune? 

Meet me in the Garden of Eden!  Please watch these glorious slideshows from the 2015 Sacred Harmony Safari!

Come be a part of this grand celebration of Nature and her masterpieces: the African wildlife! 

Photographers will have the opportunity of a lifetime here in South Luanga which has the highest lion and leopard population per square foot on earth! Here’s a few pictures I took in 2016 when I tried to “call” and communicate with one of the most ravishingly animals ever created.  But first, I had to wake her up!

Lucy’s mother, Alice, used to come greet my safaris every year and now Lucy is all grown up and has taken over for her mom!  Isn’t she a stunner?

What’s that up in that tree?  Do you see what I see?   Is that someone hiding from me?
“Can you ‘hear me’ my beauty?”
“Oh, Lucy!  I thought it was you! How you’ve grown!  I know it’s your bedtime, but won’t you wake up and talk to me?”
“Oh, my sweetheart, are you crabby that I woke you?”
“Sunset is coming so it’s morning for you! Time to wake up and go hunting!  I’m so sorry I woke you but I crossed the world just to see you…and tell you how much I love you!  Won’t you turn around so I can see your beautiful face?”
“Oh Lucy!  That’s my girl!  Thank you for taking a meeting with us, and for helping me learn to use my new camera!  I’ll be back next year with more new friends who will fly all the way across the world, too… just to adore you.”
I held Josephat’s tenth and final baby in my arms the day after she was born.

One day of the safari will include a daytrip to support Project Luangwa, where we visit a school in a nearby village. We will journey into a nearby township where our efforts will help build a kindergarten for some of the world’s most gracious, happy, bright-eyed and underprivileged children. In previous years, Project Luangwa built dormitories for high-school boys who were sleeping 70 to a room. 


Ark Angel also reaches out to local churches.  In 2016, we had the unique pleasure of attending The Reformed Church where I helped give the ministry based on loving the earth and her animals with the understanding that we are ALL children of God.  Here true Ark Angels, Rita and Michelle Black attended the service, sang, danced, and praised with the local women, as well as offering financial support to the new generation of animal protectors.

Ark Angel had the honor of contributing the glass panes for the new church windows.  As an expression of their gratitude, the choir visited our lodge one evening and gave us a private A Coppella concert under the stars.  With voices like these, no one could ever doubt the existence of angels. When we returned in 2017, we got to visit the church and see the new finished windows. How does it feel to actually make a difference in the world, no matter how small? Great!



  • November 10-14, 2023: Mfuwe Lodge: includes park entrance fees ($80 pp per day) ($170 supplement per night for a private room.)

Mfuwe Lodge Include & Exclude

Includes: accommodation, meals, game activities, laundry, tea/coffee, Mfuwe Airport road transfers (shared basis), 16% government VAT taxes and service charge.

Note: Bar Supplement includes house bottled wines but excludes premium wines and champagne.

  • November 14-16, 2023: Three nights and four days at Crocodile Valley.
  • Three delicious meals a day, as well as afternoon tea and before game drives, and picnic sundowners on evening safaris.   
  • Two dazzling game drives per day with Africa’s expert guides who will share his practical knowledge about the wild animals.  These guides know these animals so intimately they consider them to be family members.
  • Lessons and meditations in Animal Communication including how to commune with your own animals at home. 

The rates are in USD, per person per night and include:

  • Accommodation in a river front spacious luxury tent. (single supplement for solo tent: $32 per night)
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, 3-course dinner)
  • Two breath-taking game viewing activities per day, excluding the day Ark Angel visits schools and churches.
  • Transfer from Mfuwe Lodge and airport transfer.
  • Free time allocated for R n R, as well as a Mfuwe Village Tour, including a visit to the Reformed Church in Mfuwe Village, and optional shopping sprees at local craft and fabric shops in order to support local women.
  • Ark Angel goes into ACTION! An unforgettable visit to a school in the village of Mfuwe with Amelia’s Ark Angel Society where you will dance and draw lions and elephants to help stop poaching before it happens!  In conjunction with Chipembele Wildlife Conservation you will teach young children to treasure their African animals and help  transform poverty, danger, and suffering into futures full of purpose and financial security.
  • Cultural/village tour – on request (trips take place instead of a game drive)
  • Visit local market and Tribal Textiles – on request (trips take place instead of a game drive)

Terms & Conditions

All guests must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including trip delay/cancellation for any reason and emergency evacuation cover. The Bushcamp Company cannot be held responsible for the financial costs involved in the evacuation or medical treatment of any guest or any disruptions in itineraries due to external circumstances.

  • Total price for 7 day safari, including 2 game drives a day and three daily gourmet meals at Mfuwe Lodge, meals included at Crocodile Valley–vegetarian and vegan options available,) accommodation at Croc Valley in their most spacious tents, all park fees excluded: $5870.00
  • In order to book, please contact Amelia:
  • All guests must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including trip delay/cancellation for any reason and emergency evacuation cover. The Bushcamp Company cannot be held responsible for the financial costs involved in the evacuation or medical treatment of any guest or any disruptions in itineraries due to external circumstances.

Note: The choice to take the vaccines against Covid 19 is a deeply personal decision, and while I want you to be able to attend this safari, I also respect everyone’s choices about whether or not they choose to submit to the vaccine requirements. Presently, Zambia is open only for vaccinated visitors. All guests must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including trip delay/cancellation for any reason and emergency evacuation cover. The Bushcamp Company cannot be held responsible for the financial costs involved in the evacuation or medical treatment of any guest or any disruptions in itineraries due to external circumstances.       

Come make new friends!

What former guests are saying about The Sacred Harmony Safari:


Dear Amelia,

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The week with you at Kafunta was one of the most memorable, outstanding and amazing experiences we’ve ever had – and definitely a life changing event for all of us! Simply unforgettable!

Thanks to your fantastic teaching methods communicating with animals and listening to them has become a matter of course for us. Even more so, we now see ourselves as their ambassadors and we will devote a significant amount of our time and energy to help protecting them going forward.

There is not one single day since we have left Africa without my thinking about the elephants we’ve met and how we could help and support them. I have been doing a lot of research on the internet. My brain is constantly spinning…

Thank you Amelia for being so inspirational and helping us to get on a mission, for showing us how to not only start believing, but acting and bringing so much true meaning to our lives!

I am overjoyed to have found you and discover that we can continue joining forces, acting as white blood cells in order to make this a better world!

Many hugs and kisses,

Sandra, Bruno, Tim & Nicky (Zurich, Switzerland)



“We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

— Mother Teresa