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Professional Certified Practitioners 

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Amelia Kinkade is proud to announce her first Language of Miracles Interspecies Translators.  These protégés have been required to turn in 23 case studies as testimonies of their successful communications with animals that have been successfully verified by the animals’ guardians.  These students have Amelia’s complete confidence and trust. Should you need help with your animals–alive or in heaven–when Amelia is traveling or working for Ark Angel her charity in Africa, and not available for private sessions, these are the professional Animal Communicators Amelia has personally trained and recommends to her clients all over the world.  If you are also aspiring to complete Amelia’s certified training program, ask yourself if these manifestos apply to you.

Yuki and her dog, Kuu, at the Sydney Harbour in Drummoyne NSW, Australia.

Yuki Sugawa

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Languages: English, Japanese


Animals are my passion. Animals have been close to my heart ever since I was little. They are my family and friends who are always there for me with a big open heart, and they are also my teachers who teach me who I really am. 

I was born in Japan, and I live in Sydney Australia. Animal communication has been a lifelong journey, and it all started with my childhood dream of working with animals. The childhood dream was buried over time, and from time to time, I was reminded of it but I was not fully mature enough to pay attention. I did not join the world of animal communication until I came to realise that something very important is missing in my life – my passion for animals. I was then ready to dive into the world of miracles. My life started to quickly unfold since then, and now I am very happy to be in the service of Mother Earth, the animal kingdom and every sentient being living on this planet. 

My role is to support the client’s communication with their animal to deepen the understanding between them. My strength lies in connecting with the energetic body of animal such as connecting with animals who have been unwell, animals who are in spirit, and animals who are missing. It is an honour to be a translator of the language of love and miracles.

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Lisa Brown Best Day Healing: For You and Your Animals
“Is Your Animal Trying  To Tell You Something?”
Phone: 515-203-5561


Valérie Lebon
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Language: French
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Sandra Tueber
Language: English, German


Clare Metcalf
Language: English
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Jenny Massey
Language:  English

“We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

— Mother Teresa 

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