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Professional Certified Practitioners 

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Amelia Kinkade is proud to announce her first Language of Miracles Interspecies Translators.  These protégés have been required to turn in 23 case studies as testimonies of their successful communications with animals that have been successfully verified by the animals’ guardians.  These students have Amelia’s complete confidence and trust. Should you need help with your animals–alive or in heaven–when Amelia is traveling or working for Ark Angel her charity in Africa, and not available for private sessions, these are the professional Animal Communicators Amelia has personally trained and recommends to her clients all over the world:


In Dina’s words:

My name is Dina Patel and I live in the UK.

From a very young age, growing up in Kenya, I dreamt of humans and all animals co-existing in peace and harmony, and treating each other with mutual love and respect.

I knew that would come about when we could communicate with each other but I had no idea how it would materialise.

I loved animals and lived on the doorstep of a massive lake that we could see in the distance from our back garden. Beautiful pink feathered birds visited and I was completely besotted by their pink plumage and learnt later on, that they were called flamingos. 

As I grew older I realised that I was fortunate to live in a country where there were many safari parks in close proximity and I had the opportunity of visiting them, too. There was an abundance of wild life: lions, tigers, elephants, zebra, hippos. The list was endless.

I knew that I wanted to form a closer bond with these wild and powerful, yet sensitive creatures but I had no idea how it could come about. We also acquired our very first puppy and I would talk to him and pretend that he could understand me and that he would respond to me. It was the highlight of my day.

Fast forward to today and I am now living that dream!

I am in service of these animals and want to show you how it is possible for humans and dogs and cats–and all furry four-legged or two-legged or multi-legged creatures–to not just cohabit, but communicate with each other. This is my “heaven on earth” made possible today.

So allow me to communicate with your animals to discover how you can both live more enriched lives in a manner where you do not just coexist but one in which you gain a deeper and more loving relationship–where there is mutual respect rather than domination and superiority.

Contact info: 



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Best Day Healing: For You and Your Animals
“Is Your Animal Trying  To Tell You Something?”
Phone: 515-203-5561


Dora and Blue are sitting pretty in Geneva Switzerland, waiting to hear from you!

Dora Zarzavatsaki



Languages: English, French, Greek

Anne and Joyce.


Based in Belgium, I specialize in the development and fulfillment of relationships between the horse and his human partner. 

Respect and the well-being of the horse being at the heart of my approach, I am also trained in telepathic communication with animals, in energy healing and in systemic equi-coaching. 

I am the author of a book dedicated to all horse lovers: “Cheval ma force de vie”, published by “Éditions du Souffle d´Or » ( France).

Website:        (FR) (EN) 

Email :

Phone : +32 479 63 92 49 

Languages : English, French, Spanish
Areas that I specialize in:
Emotional and behavioral issues – understanding the roles of our Animals, their missions in our lives… as well as talking to animals who have crossed the Rainbow bridge.



Contact Information:

Phone: 214-733-0130



My name is Elizabeth DesPlas, I currently reside in East Texas with my incredible husband and children.  I am a homeschool Mom, aspiring homesteader, animal lover, and nature enthusiast. 

As a child animals would always show up in my life when I needed a friend or guardian. I knew one way or another my job would be to work with animals. I wanted to be everything from a zookeeper to a Manatee Rescue team member. I’d still love to help with Manatee rescues, these incredible, majestic, creatures, hold a special place in my heart. In 2019 my family and I had the opportunity to swim with the Manatees in Florida, I was quickly humbled when one swam up to me and we had a conversation. This graceful Manatee welcomed myself and my family into their home. It was a beautiful moment, that I’ll have forever. From this point on, my passion for animals began to become more prevalent in daily life. As a family we became Vegan almost overnight. Suddenly I wanted to save every animal or at least help their voices be heard. Animals are the greatest teachers, healers, and light, on Earth. They love without limits, and spend their days trying to help their families do the same. I am honored that animals trust me enough to be the Messenger – the bridge between their people and themselves. 

Areas that I Specialize in: 

Behavior – understanding our Animals as well as Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

I enjoy working with all species; domestic, farm, and exotic.  I have conversations with my two beautiful dogs, our rabbit, and our 2 sweet Budgies, the same way I communicate with people. My goal is to help keep animals in homes and out of animal shelters, by helping people learn how to understand their furry, feathery, even scaley, family members. When we can identify and understand the reasons behind unusual behaviors, a bridge will begin to form between people and their animals. This bridge of knowledge and understanding is a beautiful way to show our animals just how much they mean to us. 

Along with understanding behaviors, I work with a lot of grieving clients with animals that have crossed the rainbow bridge, or are very close to crossing. Most of my clients seem to be given a week of grace period to grieve over their lost animal, by their family and friends. For some that is enough time, but other people need much more time because their animal was their best friend. I’m here to help these people understand that they can still connect with their friends, and that it is okay to grieve for their loved ones as long as they need.  

Currently I do not specialize in tracking cases. 

Valérie Lebon
Mail :
Language: French
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Sandra Tueber
Language: English, German


Clare Metcalf
Language: English
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Jenny Massey
Language:  English

“We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

— Mother Teresa 

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